Sara - Honours Science

Science Ambassador
Sara fun

Program: Honours Science, Biology Minor

Year: 3

Stream of study: Regular

Career goal: I don't know yet as there are many careers in science, and I am learning as I go. However, I'm currently really interested in biology research, or going to professional school!

How I get involved: I've been apart of Waterloo Orientation and Science Ready day, as well as some of the science society events. Mainly, I like to be very active with the Muslim community on campus through Muslim Student Association social and educational events. More than that, I love helping to run the Islamic Information Center of UW, where anyone is welcome to come and learn about Islam. Lastly, I do volunteer work with children and youths in my community! 

Why I love my program

I love that Honours Science has opened me to new horizons in science, technology and humanities. It's shown me the intersectionalities between different industries, research and health care. I've also gotten to take really interesting courses and grow holistically in that manner.

Why University of Waterloo?

UWaterloo is highly esteemed in scientific research which really drew me to it in my last year of highschool! I also liked the fact that I could pursue the traditional four-year program I loved but still receive experiential education through completing my EDGE certificate. 

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