Dean of Science Emergency Infrastructure Repair Fund

How to apply for the Dean of Science Emergency Equipment Repair Fund

Step 1: Determine the eligibility of your request

  • You are full-time tenured or tenure track professor

  • The equipment requiring repair is located in your lab vs. a department facility

  • The equipment breakdown is unforeseen and within the expected lifespan of the equipment
  • Immediate repair is required as it is critical to conducting your research
  • This funding is meant to fund emergency repairs that cannot be funded through other means, i.e. through an NSERC-RTI or CFI-IOF. The explanation provided must demonstrate why this request fits with the purpose of the Dean of Science Emergency Infrastructure Repair Fund

Step 2: Apply for funding

  • The application template and budget must be completed in full and all questions answered for the application to be considered.

  • Obtain quotes for repair in accordance with Policy 17 regarding quotes and tenders

  • Scan and attach quotes to your application form and submit

Step 3: Application Review

  • Your application will be reviewed by the Science Research Advisory Committee, which meets once a month

  • When a the file has been reviewed and a decision has been made, the ADR will contact you with the results

Step 4: Your responsibilities after being awarded funding

  • Funds must be spent within 6 months

  • All purchases must align with university policies

  • Spending must be reported to the ADR within the 6 month timeframe

  • Within 6 months, a summary paragraph reporting the spend and the value of the contribution to your research must be sent to the ADR

Terms of Reference

Dean of Science Emergency Research Infrastructure Repair Fund -€“ Terms of Reference


The purpose of this fund is to support emergency repairs and services of critical research infrastructure.


This fund will not support the cost of:

  • major infrastructure equipment;

  • major renovations in support of research.

Funds cannot be used for faculty start-up support or for matching for specific research programs (i.e., CFI, RTI, Early Researcher Awards).

Eligibility for funds

  • Any tenure-track/tenured full-time faculty member in the Faculty of Science is eligible to make application for funding support.

  • Need for the funds must be demonstrated by a disclosure of currently held/available funding and an application (see application form) detailing the situation, need and urgency and proposed budget.

  • Note: The support will not be considered as a substitute for research funding already in place (Fund 105 grants and contracts).

Use of funds

  • Use of funds must align with relevant university policies (i.e., Policy 17 for Quotations and tenders).

  • Equipment requiring repair or service should be part of a researcher’s lab vs. part of a department facility.

  • All costs associated with the request must be directly in support of research (i.e., no indirect costs allowed).

  • Funds must be spent within 6 months of being awarded.

  • The Associate Dean-Research (ADR) must be informed of the spending within that timeframe. Failure to spend funds within this time will result in funds being revoked. An extension to the spending timeframe may be considered in extraordinary circumstances.

Evaluation process

  • The Science Research Fellows (SRF) will assess requests for support on a monthly basis. The SRF will make recommendations to the Dean for approval, in whole or part, for each request. This recommendation will take into consideration the urgency of the request, the context of and availability of options for support, and the context of other applications requesting support.

  • The ADR will advise the applicant on the status of their request for support.

  • The ADR will inform the Faculty Financial Officer of all decisions to ensure the awareness required to approve payment of expenses or transferring of budget to a faculty support workorder.

Application Process

  • Requests for support can be sent to the Associate Dean-Research (ADR) at any time throughout the year.

  • Requests must include an application template and budget and disclosure of currently available funds.


  • Within 6 months, researchers awarded funds must provide a summary paragraph to the ADR indicating how funds were spent and the impact of the funding on their research. Maximum of 250 words.

  • An annual report will be prepared by the ADR summarizing how funds have been disbursed and the associated implications to research success (summary statements from researchers). This will provide context for the annual budget process for the Faculty of Science.