Thursday, May 18, 2023

The UWSA Appointments Committee is seeking applications for staff representation for the following committees:

  1. UWSA Staff Compensation Strategy Committee (two positions)
  2. Appeal Committee on Property Infractions (one position)
  3. UWSA Appointments Committee (one position)

To apply for any of these positions, please submit the online committee application form by Friday, June 2, 2023. Please direct any questions to the chair of the UWSA Appointments Committee, Gail Spencer ( In selecting applicants to recommend, a strong focus on perspectives reflecting the diversity of voices represented at UWaterloo will be applied.

1) Staff Compensation Strategy Committee (two positions)

Term: Present – to May 31, 2025 (two years)

Would you like to be involved in planning for the next round of staff compensation discussions? The Staff Compensation Strategy Committee is developing a comprehensive engagement plan to prepare for the staff compensation conversations which will begin in fall 2023. These committee members will contribute to the mandate of the committee, including:

  • ensuring that UWSA members of the Provost’s Advisory Committee on Compensation (PACSC) have adequate information and insights to effectively enter into staff salary conversations
  • ensuring that PACSC considers both monetary and non-monetary elements of staff compensation

This committee will meet as needed to fulfil its mandate, approximately three times a term, and likely more often in the second and third years of a three-year compensation agreement. Experience on PACSC during previous salary discussions is an asset but not required. The current Staff Compensation Recommendation ends in April 2024. Please see the full Terms of Reference for more information and contact Agata Jagielska ( if you have further questions.

2) Appeal Committee on Property Infractions (one position)

Term: Present – to May 31, 2026 (three years)

The mandate of the Property Infractions Committee (formerly the Parking Appeals Committee) is to provide a separate entity from Parking Services and University Police staff to review all written appeals of infractions issued on campus. Infractions are issued to vehicles and individuals that have contravened the University of Waterloo Parking and Traffic Regulations or Policy #29 – Smoking.

The committee will:

  • Receive and consider all written appeals from individuals
  • Consider and vote on all appeals submitted, based on offence and reasons given in appeal form
  • Meet once a month except in July and August

A complete procedure for submitting an appeal is available by visiting University of Waterloo Parking Services. The Parking Services website will publish an annual report indicating the number of appeals heard and the number of successful appeals. The UWSA committee representative may be asked to submit a short report on committee activities for the UWSA Annual Report.

3) UWSA Appointments Committee (one position)

Term: Present – April 30, 2025 (two years)

The purpose of the University of Waterloo Staff Association Appointments Committee is to nominate and/or appoint regular full and part-time UWSA members as representatives to:

  • UWSA Board committees
  • UWSA Operational or ad hoc committees
  • University of Waterloo committees

A primary task of committee members is to attend meetings via Teams for the purposes of reviewing applications for staff representative openings and appointing members to these committees. Members will gain insights into the many committees that keep the work of the UWSA and UW going. The ability to match the needs and expectations of a committee to the skills identified on an application is an asset for this role. This committee meets approximately 6-7 times a year and requires reading submitted applications and various committee terms of reference documents in preparation for meetings.

Please see the Appointments Committee Terms of Reference for more information. Appointments to this Committee are made by the UWSA Operations Team for a two-year term.

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