A student checks her watch.

Changing your time management habits is a difficult task. You might try to implement changes at the beginning of the term, just to find yourself back in the same old habits only a few weeks later.

This online workshop allows us to share some of our time management tips with you. Follow along and use the worksheets below to create a time management strategy that works for you.

You can watch the whole time management workshop or you can pick and choose the sections that are most relevant to you.  

Topic Watch a clip Download a worksheet

Do you want to change?

Learn how poor time management can give you short-term rewards, but long-term losses.

Do you want to change? (YouTube)

Time Management (PDF)

Rewards for Poor Time Management (PDF)

Are you sabotaging your own efforts?

Your unhelpful habits might surprise you. Learn how to curb your procrastination. 

Do you have some unhelpful habits? (YouTube)

Do you procrastinate? (YouTube)

Time Management (PDF)

Do You Sabotage Your Time? (PDF)

Social Media Distractions (PDF)

Are you using the wrong strategies?

Try one of our fast track strategies.

1. Getting to know you (YouTube)

Reflect on what works for you.

Stop Start Continue (PDF)

2. Organizing your time (youTube)

Try this organizational strategy.

Creating a Master Schedule (PDF)

3. Saving time (YouTube)

Learn the benefits of staying on top of your work. 

The Curve of Forgetting (PDF)

4. Planning ahead (YouTube)

Try these strategies to prevent unnecessary stress.

Backwards Planning (PDF)

5. Making every minute count (YouTube)

Learn to make use of small blocks of time.


6. Knowing where your time goes (YouTube)

Complete this exercise to find out.

Where does the Time Go? (PDF)

7. Staying positive (YouTube)

Learn how to acknowledge your accomplishments.


8. Maintaining life balance (YouTube)

Discover ways to be realistic with your time. 

Finding Balance (PDF)
9. Feeling less overwhelmed (YouTube) How to Create a Task List (PDF)

10. Finding motivation (YouTube)

Reflect on what will give you the drive to keep going.

Goal Setting (PDF)

Do you want to stay on track this term?

Plan ahead and avoid potential roadblocks. 

Plan ahead to make your new strategies stick (YouTube) Staying on Track (PDF)