Faculty logos

When promoting one of the six faculties at the University of Waterloo, the respective faculty logo can be used. Horizontal and vertical versions of the logo are available, including colour, colour-reversed and black and white versions.

sample horizontal faculty logo

sample vertical faculty logo

Horizontal faculty lockup (preferred)

Vertical faculty lockup



checkmark Use a faculty logo:

  • if you are promoting a single Waterloo faculty.
  • if you or your group officially represent a faculty at the University.

x-mark Do not use a faculty logo:

  • when you are promoting more than one Waterloo faculty. When more than one faculty is represented, the official University logo should be used.
  • if you are an unofficial individual or group.
  • if you are an individual or group unassociated with the University.

Additional resources:


For additional information on how to use the downloaded logo files, please refer to the logo file guide.

Faculty of Arts

Faculty of Engineering

Faculty of Environment

Faculty of Health

Faculty of Mathematics

Faculty of Science