Tim Hortons - CLOSED

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Location: East Campus 5 - Main Floor

Features: Tim Hortons hot and cold beverages, pastries, Fresh Xpress salads and sandwiches, snacks

Payment accepted: Interac, Watcard, Mastercard & VISA

  • Jan. 3 - Sep. 5 Closed
Closed until further notice, due to Ontario COVID-19 restrictions.


  • Sausage muffin
    Egg, cheese and meat english muffin
  • egg and cheese muffin
    Egg and cheese english muffin
  • bagel melt
    Bagel melt
    cheddar cheese, egg, bacon, lettuce and tomato
  • sausage bagel
    Egg and cheese bagel
    Also available with meat, starting from
  • cream cheese bagel
    Cream cheese bagel