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Chef Richard CrammRed Seal Certified Chef

Chef Richard graduated from Niagara College in 1981 and worked at the Swiss Castle Inn from 1982 to 1988 as Head Chef until he opened his own establishment in 1988 in downtown Kitchener named The Purple Turtle. Forced to close due to economic downturn in 1996, he worked at La Costa restaurant in downtown Kitchener as Head Chef until 2001.

His passion has always been Asian Cuisine and in 2001, he was approached by the owner of Bhima’s Warung (Arguably the best restaurant in the region) to travel to Bali Indonesia to open a sister restaurant. After 2 years working in the Waterloo location, he left for Bali and worked there for the following 3 years. His favourite part of living there was being able to travel and explore different foods. One of his most memorable meals was Black Pepper Crab in Singapore. In 2008 he joined UW Food Services because they made him an offer he simply could not refuse. Chef Richard is proud of his work saying that his biggest accomplishment is the fact that he is still cooking after more than 40 years.


University of Waterloo
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