Terms of Reference for the Food Advisory Board (FAB)


The Food Services Advisory Board (FAB) has been established to provide a structured and open forum whereby unbiased representation from diverse user groups will evaluate and review various policy and operational aspects of UW Food Services (UWFS).  This forum will ensure an open channel of communication for members of the university community to register their concerns and/or suggestions concerning departmental policy. 

The advisory board’s role is to assess and evaluate Food Services and its needs, make recommendations, and at the same time, commit to outreach and program activities (e.g., cooking shows, cultural events involving or highlighting Food Services, educational programming related to Food Services). The FAB will respectfully address food issues as it pertains to the following;

  • Social responsibility
  • Customer service
  • Wellness and nutrition
  • Operational efficiency
  • Culinary diversity and quality

In this regard, the FAB will act in an advisory and consultative capacity, responsible to the Director, Food Services.


Mudie’s, REVelation, Brubakers, Bon Appétit, CEIT Café, Browsers Café, ML’s Café, Tim Hortons locations, Festival Fare, Williams Fresh Café, PAS Lounge, Pastry Plus locations, LA Café, and any new/closing of units deemed necessary.

To review the service of food provided by off-campus partners within the purpose of the committee (see Appendix 1).

To review the service of food provided by on-campus entities, i.e. Federation of Student and Graduate Student Association operations.                                                                                          

Duties and Responsibilities:

The advisory board shall function as consultative and advisory to the Director, Food Services.

  1. To receive and discuss requests and suggestions made by students/faculty/staff through their respective committee’s with regards to food services on campus
  2. To provide information and answer questions related to UWFS departmental policy and to provide a forum through which problems pertaining to policy can be heard and resolved.
  3. To ensure an open channel of communication for members of the university community to register their concerns and/or suggestions concerning departmental policy.
  4. To evaluate existing department policies. To receive and evaluate Food Services’ recommendations on policy change, and to recommend to the Director, Food Services changes to the policy where such changes are warranted and calculated to benefit the community.
  5. To assess the financial implications of: the hours and days of operation for each outlet, the partial or complete opening or closing of one or more outlets, changes in operation of any outlet, and food and labour costs.
  6. To receive, evaluate and distribute all sub-committee reports and surveys.
  7. Make recommendations to marketing strategies, events and community outreach projects.
  8. To address campus wide food mandate and other food issues as it relates to the campus.  

Committee Membership:

Individuals selected to represent their residence or group shall have an interest in Food Services on campus.

1. Voting Members:

a) Residence Operation:

  1. Two members from Village 1 (V1)
  2. Two members from Ron Eydt Village (REV)
  3. One member from Mackenzie King Village (MKV)
  4. One member from Columbia Lake Villages (CLV)
  5. One members from UW Place (UWP)
  6. One member from Minota Hagey (VeloCity)
  7. Two - Three off-campus student

b) Two Food Services staff members, one appointed by CUPE Local 793 and the other by the Director, Food Services.

c) One member appointed by the Department of Housing and Residences.

2. Non-Voting Members:

a) Secretary:  Member normally appointed by the Director, Food Services.

b) Chairperson: Individual appointed by the Director, Food Services to facilitate meetings.

c) Representation from Federation of Students

d) Representation from the Graduate Students Association

e) Resource persons for this Committee will include (when needed):

      i) Director, Food Services

      ii) Registered Dietitian, Health Services

      iii) All Food Services management staff, as needed

      iv) Discretionary representative from the University of Waterloo   Sustainability Project (UWSP)

Sub-Committee Membership:       

Sub-committee membership may be comprised of all voting and non-voting members of the committee.  Sub-committee may include; Traveling Tummies, Survey Committees, Menu Planning and Communications Marketing.


At the discretion of the chair, meetings shall be held in the fall and winter terms usually to a maximum of three per term.  Meetings will be held the last Thursday of each month (excluding December and April) at 4:30 pm in the REV Boardroom.

For fair and effective meetings, we will observe Robert’s Rules of Order.

Responsibilities for Committee Members:

  1. Members of the FAB have a responsibility to promote good communication between the Food Advisory Board and their appointing bodies.  This requires attending meetings of the appointing body to obtain their views as well as reporting the activities of the FAB.
  2. All members have an obligation to attend FAB meetings.  In the event a member is unable to attend, a designated alternate should attend in his/her absence with the power to vote on all matters except changes to the Terms of Reference.  However, these designated alternates will not relieve members of their responsibilities.
  3. Members who miss more than two (2) regularly scheduled meetings (committee or sub-committee assignments) per term without sending a designated alternate will no longer be considered as members of the Food Advisory Board and their appointing body will be contacted to name a replacement.
  4. Normally each FAB member must participate on at least one sub-committee.
  5. Normally each FAB member must participate in at least two (2) Dining Hall/Surveys per semester except members from UW Food Services and Housing & Residences.

Duties of the Chairperson:

  1. Ensures the FAB functions properly, that there is full participation during meetings, that all relevant matters are discussed and that effective decisions are carried out.
  2. Responsible for making sure that each meeting is planned effectively, conducted according to the constitution and that matters are dealt with in an orderly, efficient manner.
  3. Assist in coordinating sub-committees.

Interim Chairperson:

The Director, Food Services or his/her designate will act as Interim Chairperson in the event of non-availability of a Chairperson.

Duties of the Secretary:

  1. Ensures that meetings are effectively organized and minuted
  2. Post approved minutes to the Food Services website
  3. Uphold FAB Charter and other UW Food Services policies
  4. Communication and correspondence

Sub-Committee Meetings:

  1. Meeting times are determined by the sub-committee appointed Chairperson.
  2. The Chairperson will be selected at the discretion of each sub committee. 
  3. The Chairperson or his/her designate is responsible for running the meeting, ensuring minutes are taken, attendance recorded and submitted to the advisory committee secretary for typing and circulation the working day immediately following the sub-committee meeting.
  4. Food Services management and staff will serve in an advisory capacity on sub-committees.


There is an honorarium awarded to registered students that participate on the FAB in the amount of $100.00 in meal plan dollars per term.  It is designed as an incentive to be paid if FAB meetings, sub-committee meetings, dining hall surveys and other obligations are met. Failure to complete obligations and responsibilities will be deducted $50 of their honorarium meal plan dollars for the first missed meeting and an additional $50 in meal plan dollars for the second.

This honorarium is available to all voting student members of FAB and will be paid at the end of each semester.  Furthermore, if requested, successful participants would also receive a letter of reference for their committee work.