Hallman Undergraduate Research Fellowship

The Hallman Undergraduate Research Fellowship in Health and Promotion supports undergraduate students who wish to participate in research projects under the supervision of Faculty of Health researchers focusing on health promotion and education.  This fellowship is in honour of Lyle Hallman's vision of a healthy and educated community.


The Research Fellowship was created to equip undergraduate students with research experience in the area of health promotion and education as well as encourage students to consider and/or pursue graduate studies.  

In addition, the Research Fellowship provides students with the opportunity to become familiar with the health promotion-related research occurring within the Faculty of Health, research centres, and institutes.


Faculty of Health members, who are interested in supervising a student, are eligible to submit an application. Funding also pertains to research professors in the research centres and institutes. Please note that the Research Fellowship only runs during the Spring term.  

Financial compensation of the Research Fellowship is based on the following circumstances: 

  • Undergraduate student is working on the project part-time during an academic term
  • Undergraduate student is working on the project full-time as a co-op work term 
  • Undergraduate student is working on a non-academic term for work experience

**The candidate must be an undergraduate student in the Spring term working towards the completion of their degree. 

The amount allocated will vary based on the aforementioned points and other factors as well.  

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How to apply

Faculty members apply for funding through the application form. Applications for 2024 will open on September 1, 2023. The deadline for applications will be November 20, 2023.

Faculty will receive an email to notify them when the application form is open and applications are being accepted. 


The number of Research Fellowships available are dependent on:

  • Income generated by the Hallman Endowment Fund 
  • Suitability of the proposals submitted

Applications will be reviewed by a selection committee, where they will be considered based on the application’s suitability according to the purpose of the fellowship. Faculty members will receive an email to notify them if their application was accepted and relevant funding information. 

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Other important information to note

  • Within two weeks of completing the Fellowship, the student must submit a brief 1-2 page final report, which can then be shared with the trustees of the Hallman Foundation.
  • Senior students may choose to base their honours research projects on the work completed during the Research Fellowship.

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If you have any questions or concerns regarding the Hallman Undergraduate Research Fellowship, please contact Marina Mourtzakis