Hallman Undergraduate Research Fellowship in Health Promotion - Winter 2014

Jacquelyn Maciukiewicz

Evaluation of functional capacity in breast cancer survivors and the influence of exercise on improving arm function and quality of life 

Supervisor: Clark Dickerson

Shelley Martin

Addressing issues of diversity in sport: A branding study of curling with youth 

Supervisor: Heather Mair

Julianne Bell

Developing food safety training for Ontario high school students

Supervisor: Shannon Majowitz

Jessica Chong

Understanding the needs of young carers in Waterloo region

Supervisors: Susan Elliott, Lisa Loiselle (MAREP) 

Roshani Gnanaseelan, Naime Tugac, Umtej Cheema, Leonardo Martin

The role of stereopsis in size and distance perception during reaching and grasping

Supervisor: Ewa Niechwiej-Szwedo