Hallman Undergraduate Research Fellowship in Health Promotion – Winter 2007

Amber Gebhardt

State of the Art of Strategic Planning for Parks, Recreation and Tourism in Ontario Municipalities.

Submission to the journal of Leisure entitled: The State of the Art of Parks, Recreation and Tourism Planning in Ontario Municipalities. Co-author on a paper recently presented to the Northeastern Recreation Research Conference held in Bolton Landing in New York State in April 2007. Attendance at the conference gave Amber an excellent introduction to recreation research at a professional level.

Researcher: Paul Eagles

Andrew Costa

Measurement of Aging Anxiety in both Canadian and American Samples.

Investigating differences in aging anxiety between Canadian and US population samples and determining whether the current AAS aging anxiety scale proposed by Lasher et al (1993) should be revised to include a 5th dimension: Healthcare and Financial Concerns.

Researcher: Kelly Anthony

Jennifer McWhirter

Body Image and Disordered Eating in Models and Undergraduates.

Comparison between female professional models’ and non-models’ eating behaviours, exercise behaviours, and self-esteem.

Researcher: Kelly Anthony

Joel Emery and Susan McElhinney

Development of Clinical Assessment Protocols for the interRAI ID Assessment Instrument.

Individuals living with intellectual disabilities is challenging and society plays an important role in enhancing their quality of life, especially older adults who may need health care and little contact with health care professionals.

Researching Assessment Protocols (Abuse by Others, Nutrition and Obesity, Communication, and Stigmatizing Behaviour.

Researcher: Lynn Martin

Laura Mee

I’m Still Here Evaluation Murray Alzheimer Research and Education Program (MAREP).

Analysis and qualitative and quantitative research improving quality of life of persons living with dementia and their family partners in care in conjunction with the launch of the DVD “I’m Still Here” and “A Changing Melody” forum for people with dementia and their caregivers and partners in care an opportunity to learn from each other. It is hoped that a tool-kit will be developed to help staff and professionals implement forums in their own communities.

Researcher: Sherry Dupuis

Iskren Kantchev

School Feedback Project Assistant.

The project “School Health Action, Planning and evaluation System” (SHAPES) is a data collection and feedback system designed to support population-based intervention planning, evaluation, and field research related to youth.

Researcher: Steve Brown

Sarah Elliot

An Examination of the Roles and Responsibilities of Occupational Health and Safety Managers.

Examination of the literature on the roles and responsibilities of Occupational Health and Safety (OHS) Managers.

Researcher: Nancy Theberge