Hallman Undergraduate Research Fellowship in Health Promotion – Spring 2007

Amy Chen

The School Health Action, Planning and Eval. System (SHAPES).

To provide an evaluation of the school health environment and provide
meaningful feedback that will aid them in decision making for the best health outcomes for students.

Researcher: S. Brown, PHR

Ashlee Gerard

A Pilot Study of Parents’ Perceptions of Children’s Leisure, Health, and Fitness.

Qualitative interviews were conducted with parents of children between the ages of 9 and 13 to gain knowledge of parent’s perceptions of their children’s leisure, health and fitness. The findings from this study reaffirm the importance that parents’ place on facilitating health practices for their children.

Researcher: Sue Shaw

Po-po Lam

Murray Alzheimer Research and Education Program Research projects and activities.

Compilation of bibliography and survey of participants for the Partnerships in Transitional Care study (BUFU). Investigate the perceptions and experiences of the family and staff when a patient moves into a long-term care home.

Researcher: Sherry Dupuis

Jenna Johnson

Walking competency in individuals living in long-term care.

Research conducted within the Research Institute for Aging (RIA) in several Oakwood Long Term Care Facilities using new technology such as the GAITrite mat to assess gait and risks of falls in the elderly. Also presented research study to staff and residents and performed recruitment, screening and data collection for 90 residents.

Researcher: Lora Giangregorio

Jaclyn Chopp

Quantification of physical exposure levels during overhead activities to enable advanced therapeutic and rehabilitative strategy formation.

Examination of different approaches for reducing upper extremity loading and injury risk factors during the installation of electrical meters. This study used motion tracking combined with EMG to examine shoulder muscle activation for a variety of overhead postures to determine how differences in overhead arm work location and arm postures influenced the physical load on specific tissues.

Researcher: Clark Dickerson