Hallman Undergraduate Research Fellowship in Health Promotion – Spring 2008

Jessica Lansfield

Developing Partnership approaches to improving quality of life in dementia care: Phase Two.

Jessica participated in “A Changing Melody” forum created for people with early stage dementia with the assistance of MAREP and its’ partners.”

“It was a valuable experience to witness its development.” I was involved in many facets of the forum’s organization from participation in the organizing committees, to the creation of a participant distribution list.”

“What I took away from this portion of my work placement was the combined effort and communication necessary to plan, implement, problem solve around challenges and facilitate an international event.”

Supervisor: Dr. Sherry Dupuis

Ngai Chow

Pilot testing of the 2008-09 Youth Smoking Survey.

Aside from improving my knowledge of SAS, working at PHR has allowed me to improve my communication, writing, analytical and
organizational skills. I was able to work with different research professionals in preparing ethics applications and producing professional reports
that would be provided to provincial government and health organizations.

Supervisor: Dr. Steve Brown

Kayla Hummel

Musculoskeletal health in individuals with spinal cord injury.

Overall, the experiences I had during my fellowship provided me with the knowledge base I needed to enter my Masters with a foundation in research. The research skills and insights I gained from working with Dr. Giangregorio could not have been taught in a textbook and therefore provided me with a unique opportunity to transition from the undergraduate level to the master’s level of learning, which I could not have acquired in any other way.

Supervisor: Dr. Lora Giangregorio

Christopher Vannabouathong

An Examination of Health Professions and Their Role in Injured Workers’ Rehabilitation and Return to Work.

"The focus of this research was to find sources describing the roles of occupational therapy and occupational medicine in society and the challenges that these professions may encounter.” This was research in internet-based RefWorks.

Supervisor: Dr. Nancy Theberge