Dean's Advisory Committee on Health and Well-being

In 2017, the Dean of the Faculty of Applied Health Sciences (now Faculty of Health) established the Dean's Advisory Committee on Health and Well-Being with a mandate to gather information about challenges, barriers, facilitators and resources for supporting health and well-being.

The Advisory works toward the development of tangible recommendations and resources for supporting health and well-being among students, staff and faculty from across the Faculty.

What we do

  • Review strategies for mental and physical health promotion within formal and informal Faculty activities.
  • Review opportunities for creating a supportive and safe community.
  • Support and promote services that help members of the Faculty of Health community prosper, such as student peer counselling in the Faculty (UW Mates), Campus Wellness, or the Employee and Family Assistance Program.
  • Fund and publicize graduate student-led initiatives that might directly or indirectly affect health and well-being, on topics such as physical activity,  health education or workshops, community building or social relationships, leisure and nutrition. 
  • Gather information about the status of health and well-being in the Faculty.
  • Support events such as Thrive Week, mental health wellness days, and other initiatives focused on supporting health, well-being and engagement within the Faculty of Health community.
  • Lead the Faculty’s initiatives to promote health and well-being, including coordination of activities with the University and external bodies (for example, the Okanagan Charter to promote student health).

If you have questions, comments, or suggestions, please email the committee

Members (Winter 2023)



Graduate students 

  • Daphne Ho (KHS)
  • Rebecca Koroll (RLS)
  • Osama Zitoun (SPHS)

Undergraduate students 

  • Emelia Assigbey (SPHS)
  • Sofia Babici (RLS)
  • Indigo Skinner (KHS)
  • Farhaana Khan(AHSUM)


  • Jillian Watkins(UW Campus Wellness Representative)