Interviewing by phone or employer-arranged webcam

Recruitment updates due to COVID-19

Interviews are scheduled via WaterlooWorks, but you will connect with the student directly via phone or email. See more details below:

Phone: Call each student directly during their scheduled interview time slot via the phone number provided on your interview schedule.

Employer-arranged webcam: You will need to provide each student with a link and any necessary instructions prior to their scheduled interview time slot. Please contact them directly via their email address provided on your interview schedule the day before to discuss setting up a webcam interview.

Staying on time

In addition to having other interviews, students carry a heavy class load. To keep students from having to wait or miss other commitments, please do not run over the time allotted for each interviewee as indicated on your schedule.


  • Please rank on the day of your interview, if possible
  • Can’t decide? Please ensure rankings reach us as soon as possible. Hard deadlines for ranking submissions are listed on the recruiting dates webpage.
  • You can complete your rankings in WaterlooWorks or contact your Process Administrator (PA) directly. The best way to do the latter is by sending a message from WaterlooWorks
  • For more information on ranking, please refer to the Rank interviewed candidates help page


If we can be of any additional help, please contact your Waterloo Hiring Process Support person directly, the WaterlooWorks help desk, or send us a message from within WaterlooWorks. We would be happy to hear from you. 

Thank you!

We sincerely appreciate your support of the University of Waterloo's Co-operative Education Program.

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