Employer: View match results

Once the deadline to submit your rankings has passed, students will be able to see whether they have been ranked and will submit their rankings. 

CEE will notify you of the results after a match. The student(s) you were matched with will be contacting you directly to make further arrangements.

To view students you were matched with,

  1. Click the 'My Hires' tab on the dashboard
  2. Click the 'All Work Terms' tab

Tabs to click in WaterlooWorks

  1. All students you've hired using WaterlooWorks will appear. Scroll to the term you are hiring for to view the matched students, or, filter to view the results for a specific term:
    1. Click the blue 'Filter' button
    2. Enter the Coop Term (e.g. Fall 2017)
    3. Click the blue 'Apply Filter' button

Filters on WaterlooWorks

Quick tips

  • See which of the students who applied to your posting are still available after a match by: 
    • Clicking 'Job Postings' from your dashboard
    • Click 'view apps' for the posting
    • Click the green 'Applicants Still Available' box

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