Employer: Post or repost a job

Experience has shown that the richer the information shared throughout the employment process - beginning with the job posting phase - the more rewarding the work experience will be for both the employer and employee. 

With WaterlooWorks, it's easy to post a new job or copy one from a previous term. 

  1. Log in to WaterlooWorks and click 'Post a Job' from the dashboard
  2. Select the appropriate job board on which you want to advertise your job.
    1. To post a co-op job, select 'Hire Waterloo Co-op'
    2. To post a full-time job for soon-to-be graduates or alumni, select 'Post a Job' > 'Hire Waterloo Full-time' 
    3. To post a part-time, seasonal, summer or volunteer job, select 'Post a Job' > 'Hire Waterloo Other' 
    4. For co-op and graduating jobs, interview rooms fill up quickly. Be sure to create an interview reservation when posting your job. More details about interview reservations can be found below
  3. Select whether you want to repost a job or post a new one. Make your selection, and proceed through the job posting wizard
    1. Note: if you choose to repost a job, you can choose to 'Repost and edit' or 'Quick repost' 
      1. Select 'Repost and edit' to make changes to the posting before submitting it 
      2. Select 'Quick repost' to submit the job exactly as-is

Select a job to repost

  1. After submitting the posting, you'll get an email when your posting is approved with information about next steps 

Quick tips 

  • Have a quick look at our accepted job titles and short forms before posting
  • Students have advanced search functionality that allows them to search job postings for keywords in specific sections. Be sure to provide as much detail as you can to help students find your job
    • 'Compensation and benefits' is an optional field you can use to include salary or other perks of working for your organization, like free parking, promotional items, etc. Note students cannot search on this field but will see it on the posting
  • Students see a Google Map of the address you’ve included in the posting and see this as important information when making application decisions, so ensure it’s accurate. Use the fields beginning with ‘Job – ‘ to include the exact address of the work term – these fields will default to the address you registered with
  • Students will not be able to apply if they’re missing any of the documents you selected in the ‘Application Documents Required’ section, so select carefully
  • For more information about the groups of students you can target using our list of ‘Targeted degrees and disciplines’ (also called ‘clusters’), view our help page
  • Complete a ‘skills profile’ for your job by highlighting a few of the skills you’d like the ideal candidate to have. Though students don’t see this information, it helps CEE assess your applicant pool and ensure you’re targeting the right group(s) of students
  • The ‘employment details’ you enter are visible only to students who end up employed in the job
  • Interview rooms fill up quickly, so be sure to create an interview reservation when posting your job. More details about interview reservations can be found below

Making an interview reservation

Now that your job is approved, the next step is to create an interview reservation so we can proactively support you through your remote interviews! Once you reserve your preferred interview date/time and select your interview candidates, the students you choose will be prompted to pick their preferred time slot on WaterlooWorks. In return, you’ll receive a complete interview schedule prior to your interview date, without having to liaise with each student individually! 

Tip: Make your interview reservation early so you can choose your preferred date from the available options. This ensures that you’ll have access to the largest selection of dates, as well as the full support of our staff leading up to your scheduled interviews. It also helps our students to plan ahead as they balance their interviews on top of their academics! 

When selecting an interview date, please allow yourself enough time to review your applications, interview your candidates and ensure that your rankings are submitted on time to be included in the upcoming match. For a complete list of interview and match dates, visit our recruiting dates webpage.

Please note: Interview schedules are due on WaterlooWorks at least four business days before your interview date. 

If you're not sure when you will be interviewing, or if you plan on making other interview arrangements, please reach out to your Account Coordinator by sending a message on WaterlooWorks.

To create an interview reservation, follow the instructions below:

  • Log in to WaterlooWorks
  • From your dashboard, navigate to your posted job
  • Select “Reserve interview room” to make your reservation
  • You can select from three interview types: 
    • Individual: each applicant gets booked for a single interview with one or more interviewer(s) at a particular time
    • Tandem: each applicant gets booked for two back-to-back interviews. Each interview is conducted by a separate interviewer who starts interviewing at the same time, and thus are able to conduct interviews concurrently
    • Sliding tandem: each applicant gets booked for two back-to-back interviews. Each interview is conducted by a separate interviewer who starts interviewing at different times, and thus interviews are conducted sequentially
  • Other details you'll be asked to include in the interview reservation include: 
    • Job type: select the job type that aligns with the type specified in your job posting
    • Length: choose a broad amount of time for all your interviews
    • Method of interview: select one of the following options:
      • In-person (on campus) - currently not being offered due to COVID-19
      • WaterlooWorks integrated webcam
      • Employer-arranged webcam
      • Phone
    • Length of interview: select how long you'd like to spend with each interviewee
    • Number of rooms: individual interviews require one room, and both tandem and sliding tandem interviews require two. If you require more than three rooms, indicate this in the comments box that will soon appear.
  • Once all these details are complete, a list of available days will appear. Select from the list, add any comments, and click "Make Reservation."

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