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Master's and doctoral alumni profiles

Colonel Jim Kile.

Jim Kile

Canada’s Army Surgeon

Colonel Jim Kile, graduate of the MSc Kinesiology program and now Command Surgeon for the Canadian Armed Forces. His unexpected career path began at the University of Waterloo where exposure to his supervisor’s network started his journey in the military and through medical school.

Nick Frank

Nick Frank

Researcher, Nike

Since he was a young athlete, Nick Frank dreamed of working at Nike alongside world-renowned scientists  designing sportswear to improve athletic performance. Completing a Bachelor and Master of Science in the Department of Kinesiology further developed his curiosity in biomechanics and helped him develop a strong foundation in essential research skills. Combining persistence with solid field experience helped Nick to land a position as a Researcher at Nike, where he designs exceptional footwear for basketball players around the world.

Michael Cao

Michael Cao

Occupational Health and Performance Researcher, Canadian Forces Morale and Welfare Services

Soon after completing the University of Waterloo's MSc Kinesiology program, Michael Cao landed a position that allows him to showcase the technical skills he gained in the undergraduate co-op program as well as his neuroscience expertise from his Master's research. Michael works as an Occupational Health and Performance Researcher under the Canadian Forces Morale and Welfare Services, creating physical tests that measure the fitness levels and specific skill set of applicants to the Canadian Armed Forces.