Plan Modifications and Course Changes

Plan modification

Interested in making a change to your academic program?
A Plan Modification Form is used for the following program changes:

  • If you are adding or removing an option, minor, or specialization
  • If you wish to apply to transfer out of planning to another ENV program

To complete the form, fill in the top section with your personal information as well as the two sections: Requested academic information and reason for request. Sign the form and submit it to the Undergraduate Advisor(s) in charge of the program(s) for approval. 

Course Changes

You may add or swap courses on Quest once the Open Class Enrolment phase begins and continue doing so up until the first two weeks of classes in classes in the term in which the courses begin.

To add or drop course without penalty, see the Important dates page

If your course change requires an override, complete the Course Override Form. Course override forms are used to:

  • override the class capacity
  • override a student time conflict
  • override a course prerequisite

The Planning Undergraduate Advisor is also required to sign the form if:

  • the add / drop date has passed
  • the student's unit load is full

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