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Ken Klassen story image             demers

hanoz             Theo

roadtoregionals             Adam-Story

Aly-Story             tracy podcast

professorcw            Woman having a video call on her laptop with three other people   

Picture of UWaterloo Alum Sepanta            mds 

qa with experts            Open tax form with a bowl of paperclips on table 

how to financially navigate a crisis            Photo of two medical masks 

student at a desk having a video call with another student            Image of twenty dollar bills linking to the article "These two tax proposals could throw investors a lifeline" 

Picture of Neal with a link to his article, Pension Challenges due to the virus crisis            Screenshot of Prodigy game linking to the article "Gamifying math to build skill and confidence" 

Picture of Andy linking to the article "Is socialism coming back under covid-19"            Picture of Kayras linking to the article "Stepping up during the covid-19 pandemic" 

RRSP banner linking to the article "Let Canadians access their RRSP wealth            Picture of Tracy linking to the article "Making smart financial choices in times of crisis" 

"Tax Now" banner linking to the article "Put your trust in taxes during the coronavirus pandemic recovery"