I went Plant-Based for a week! Here's what I found...

One of the core values that we truly believe in and try to deliver here at UWFS is providing choice to our customers. We want to make sure that everyone has a variety of food options to choose from here on campus, whether that’s accommodating for allergens, diet restrictions, religious reasons, and even picky eaters! As a student myself, I wanted to see how true this was.

For an entire week I went plant based for my meals to find out just how many options there are for students, and let me tell you, I found some awesome lunches across campus!

Here are my top 5 places to go:


FRSH Hot bowlYou can make customize your own hot bowl, salad bowl, or flatbreads from their full plant based menu! Their menu is also gluten free!

In my bowl I got brown rice, pumpkin seeds, avocado, tofu, butternut squash, and lots more goodies! 

2. Rolltation (DC Bytes)

Rollation Poke BowWith the new DC Bytes opening, there's so many options to choose from! I've went with the Poke Bowl from Rolltation and grabbed for myself the customizable with Tofu as my protein. This can also be gluten free! 

In it there's Tofu, Lettuce, Born, Carrot, Avacado, Tangerine, and so much more veggies. It's topped with Korean Citrus sauce that ties everything together. 

3. Pizza Pizza (Brubakers SLC)

Veggie PizzaToday I was feeling pizza, and decided to grab vegetarian pizza offered in Pizza Pizza at Brubakers! AND did you know you can order online now and skip the line with the UW Food Services App? Find out more with our blog!

You can also grab pizza at Southside Marketplace at SCH or UWP Marketplace to have the option of vegan cheeze. 

4. UWP Marketplace 

UWP MarketplaceThis is also offered in other Residences and ML's Diner, but I went for the Portabella Burger at UWP Marketplace! It's a great substitute for the meat patty and still a delicious burger. 

5. Williams Fresh Café (EV3)

Panini and soupFor my last day, I wanted to get soup and sandwich which is offered as a spcial combo at Williams located in EV3! I went for the Roasted Vegetables and Goat Cheese Panini - you can ask to remove goat cheese for a vegan option - and Butternut Squash Soup! 

These are just a handful of options available here at UW Campus! If you're unsure about certain options, feel free to ask the employee working, or contact our dietitian Nicole Pin

Happy Eating! :) 


Picture: "Are Vegetarians Less Healthy than Meat Eaters" Women's Health