Anne Marie Miraglia

Professor Emmerita


BA, MA, PhD (Toronto)

Professor Anne Marie Miraglia is a specialist of francophone novelists from Black and Arab Africa, Québec and the French Caribbean. Her research includes literary theory, semiotics, narratology and feminist criticism. She also works on questions of cultural hybridity and cultural identity. Her present research focuses on writers from Africa who have immigrated to France or to Quebec and who write about the immigrant and clandestine experience.

Professor Miraglia has published two books. The first, L'Écriture de l'Autre chez Jacques Poulin (Québec, 1993) applies the concepts of "dialogisme" (Mikhaïl Bakhtine) and of "intertextualité" (Kristeva, Todorov, Riffaterre) to the novels of Jacques Poulin and to other Québécois novels in their relation to American fiction. The second book, Des Voix contre le silence (Durham University, UK, 2005) studies the narrative techniques used in nine novels written in French by women writers from the Maghreb (Algeria, Tunisia, Morocco) to comment on the condition of women in traditional Muslim societies.

Professor Miraglia has published numerous papers on a variety of francophone novelists. These include well known writers such as Assia Djebar (Algeria), Maryse Condé (Guadeloupe) and Andrée Chedid (Egypt ) and on less familiar writers living in the Maghreb such as Emna Bel Haj Yahia (Tunisia). She has also published studies on Canadian born novelist Nino Ricci, on Haitian born novelist Dany Laferrière, and on French "second-generation immigrant" ("Beurs") novelists Azouz Begag, Tassadit Imache and Farida Belghoul. Her earliest research includes an article on Claude Simon and a few articles on the representation of Québec's "américanité" in contemporary Québécois novels.

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