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Office: ML 334B

  • Ph.D. French, University of Toronto, 2000
  • M.A., French Literature, McMaster University, 1992
  • Honours B.A., English and French, McMaster University, 1991


Born and raised in Ontario, a high school exchange to France determined my career path: a B.A. in English and French, then an M.A. in French from McMaster University, followed by a Ph.D. in French at the University of Toronto in 2000. I have been working at the University of Waterloo since 2001. My primary field of research is 20th- and 21st-century French literature, with publications on authors as diverse as André Gide, Alain Robbe-Grillet, Marguerite Duras, Amélie Nothomb, Emmanuel Carrère and Hélène Lenoir. My theoretical approach is grounded in Bakhtin studies, with a particular interest in the concept of the chronotope. I have published several articles that are primarily reflections on theoretical concepts relating to the representation of time and space in literature. I also work in the fields of adaptation and intermedial studies. In addition to publishing on French literature, I continue to maintain an interest in English literature, and have co-authored an article on Shakespeare as well as several articles on English/French adaptations. 

Research and Teaching Interests 

  • 20th- and 21st-century French Literature 
  • Bakhtin Studies
  • Time and Space in the Novel/Bakhtin’s Chronotope 
  • Adaptation Studies
  • Photography and Literature
  • Intermediality 
  • Introduction to Translation

Current Projects

My current research focusses on the integration or photography into literary texts by examining the interaction between textual description (ekphrasis) and reproduced photos in a selection of French photo-literature from the 20th and 21st centuries. Interestingly, rather than being worth a thousand words, including a picture in a literary text seems to require a thousand words to explain its presence. In addition to contextualizing and explaining the significance of photos, an author may also deliberately engender tension between text and image by providing an ekphrasis that does not coincide with the included photo. Or, an author might use historic photos as the starting point for a fictional narrative. In addition to this work on photography and literature, I continue to publish in the field of Bakhtin studies, with recent articles applying the chronotope to the study of literary texts. 

Selected Publications


  • 2013, François Paré and Tara Collington, eds. Diasporiques. Ottawa: Editions David.
  • 2006, Lectures chronotopiques: espace, temps et genres romanesques. Montreal: XYZ Éditeur.

Chapters in Books

  • 2015, “‘En attendant, restait le courrier’: les lettres dans L’Adversaire d’Emmanuel Carrère.” Risques et regrets; les dangers de la lettre. Eds. Margo Irvine, Geneviève De Viveiros and Karin Schwerdtner. Québec: Editions Nota Bene, pp. 123-156.
  • 2013, “Bakhtin’s Chronotope and Metaphoric Models in Hermeneutic Discourse.” Philosophy, Method and Cultural Criticism. Ed. Charlton McIlwain. New York: Hampton Press, pp. 115-136.  
  • 2013, “La ‘scène’ de l’ironie chez Amélie Nothomb.” L’ironie: formes et enjeux d’une écriture contemporaine. Eds. Didier Alexandre and Pierre Schoentjes. Paris: Classiques Garniers,  pp.77-98.
  • 2010, “The Chronotope and the Study of Literary Adaptation: The Case of Robinson Crusoe.” Bakhtin’s Theory of the Literary Chronotope: Reflections, Applications, Perspectives. Eds. Nele Bemong et al. Ghent: Academia Press. pp. 179-193. 


  • 2015, “‘Sauvé du déluge des jours’: Taxidermy, Photography and Literature in Adrien Goetz and Karen Knorr’s Le Soliloque de l’empailleur”.  French Cultural Studies, Vol. 26(1): 87–100.
  • 2014, Tara Collington and Philip Collington. “‘The Time When...The Place Where’: Bakhtin and the Dialogue of Chronotopes in Love’s Labour’s Lost”. Studies in Philology, 111.4 (Fall 2014): 786-820.
  • 2013, “L’espace de la photographie, la photographie de l’espace: Le Disparu de Salonique.” Arboresences 3 : 3-19.

Awards and achievements

  • 2015, University of Waterloo, Faculty of Arts Excellence in Service Award
  • 2012, University of Waterloo Outstanding Performance Award
  • 2007-10, SSHRC Standard Research Grant: “Crossing Space, Crossing Time: A Bakhtinian Approach to Adaptation Studies

Selected professional and community affiliations

  • 2010-present, Associate Editor (English) and member of the Editorial Board for the international journal Revue Critique de fixxion française contemporaine
  • Association des professeur(e)s de français des universités et collèges canadiens (APFUCC)
  • Women in French (WIF) 
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