Students should consult these placement rules before enrolling into French courses for the first time.

Basic French Placement Rules
Completed studies in French Course of enrollment
No previous experience  FR 101
Elementary and Grade 9 core FR 151
Grade 10 core FR 151
Grade 11 core FR 152
Grade 12 core FR 192A
Grade 12 extended and immersion French FR 192B
Graduated from a Francophone high school FR 251 or 252

Sequence of French Language Courses

  • FR 101: Beginner French

  • FR 151: Basic French 1

  • FR 152: Basic French 2

  • FR 192A: French Language 1: Module 1

  • FR 192B: French Language 1: Module 2

  • FR 251: French Language 2: Module 1

  • FR 252: French Language 2: Module 2

  • FR 351: French Language 3

  • FR 452: Advanced French Language 

French Studies Undergraduate Course Descriptions

Special notes

  • Students may not back track to a lower year language courses (i.e. Students who have completed FR 192B may not go back for FR 192A, 152, 151 or 101).
  • Students  who have completed FR 251 and/or 252 may not go back for FR 192B, 192A, 152, 151 or 101.
  • Students registered in FR 192A and 192B in the same term will be denied credit for FR 192A.
  • Students registered in FR 151 and/or FR 152 in the same term as FR 192A or 192B will be denied credit for FR 151 and/or FR 152.
  • Francophone students and students having graduated from a French high school must have the written permission of the French Department to enrol in any French courses.

  • Students with transferred university credits in French must consult the Department before enrolling in any French courses.