Co-op student at an interview

Posting a job with us is free and we have staff dedicated to helping you throughout the entire process.

You can also post jobs for graduating students, alumni or students who want part-time and summer work.


Recruitment updates due to COVID-19

All interviews will take place remotely until further notice.

To ensure the safety of all students and employers, and limit the spread of COVID-19, all interviews will be held via Skype, webcam or phone.

Reach out to your account manager (for existing employers), or (for new employers), if you have any questions about this process.

• Have questions about how the COVID-19 pandemic affects you as an employer? Read our Frequently Asked Questions about co-op for employers for current information on this situation.
• Wondering how to manage co-op students working remotely?  We've connected with co-op employers and students to collect best practices to help transition your co-op students to work from home.

 Register to be an official University of Waterloo employer

Visit WaterlooWorks to register.

  • You will receive an email with information about WaterlooWorks (UWaterloo's job portal) within one to three business days after you have been approved.
  • If you have any questions or concerns after becoming an UWaterloo employer, you can find contact information for your Service Teams and reach out to them for assistance.
  • Already registered? Log into WaterlooWorks and if you forgot your password, learn how to reset it here.

 Post your jobs on WaterlooWorks!

Fill in the job postings form in WaterlooWorks (you will see a button "Post A Job" right in the center of your dashboard after you login to WaterlooWorks).

  • You will be selecting your potential interview date(s) in the job postings form, so be sure to review our recruiting dates. 
  • For more details on how to "Post" your job listing, check out our WaterlooWorks help page

 Review applications and interview candidatesAfter posting your job, you will see an "Application Deadline" that will be assigned automatically.

  • All your applications/resumes will be available for you to view/download after the "Application Deadline" (you'll receive an email once all applications/resumes are available on WaterlooWorks).
  • Under "Job Postings", you'll be able to select "View App(s)". Afterwards, click on "Application Options" and select "Download All Applications" to download all applications, cover letters, resumes and other content you may have asked for.
  • Once you have viewed all applications, choose your interviewees using the "Selected for Interview" drop-down option. Then "Request an Interview Schedule" under the blue "Interview Options" button on the job posting.
    • Tip: remember to select alternate interview candidates! Occasionally, students may not be able to attend interviews due to academic or personal pressures. We provide our students with the opportunity to request to be withdrawn from an interview if they are experiencing significant levels of stress, and will work with our employers to find alternate candidates, if necessary. To help with this process, be sure to select alternate candidates when making your interview selections!
  • You can choose your preferred method for interviewing. You may do in-person interviews which are done individually or in groups. You may also choose remote interviews over the telephone, video or Skype. 
  • For more details on how to "Interview" for the role check out our WaterlooWorks help page

 Rank and match with her favourite intervieweesAfter your interviews, you will have a chance to rank all candidates you'd be willing to hire in WaterlooWorks.

  • Rank a #1 candidate for each opening you have only.
  • You can have multiple #2, #3, #4 etc... ranks and you can choose to not rank a candidate as well.
  • Only rank candidates you'd be willing to hire. Maximize your match opportunities by ranking all, or as many of the students you'd be willing to hire, as second-place choices.
  • Any value may create a job match, so only rank students you'd be willing to employ.
  • Students appreciate your feedback. Use the comment box to directly message students you interviewed to encourage them to join your team, offer additional details or provide constructive feedback.
  • Similar to how employers can choose not to rank students, students can also choose not to rank employers to prioritize jobs that fit their specific career goals. We now allow students to use this option up to three times a term to increase the amount of choice they have when ranking jobs in WaterlooWorks. To maximize your chances of filling your position, please rank multiple students.
  • For more details on how to "Rank and Match" students, check out our WaterlooWorks help page

 Get set up and started with your new employee.Once you are matched with a candidate, you will receive an email from us and you'll find the candidate's information in WaterlooWorks.

  • To get started, the student(s) you've hired may reach out to you for additional employment details or you can reach out to them.
  • Be prepared to discuss work hours, dress code and where they should report on the first day.
  • You can get employment confirmation letters and applicable tax receipts from the job posting or your student's work-term record.
  • For more details on "Employment Agreement", check out our WaterlooWorks help page

 Have a productive work term.

CEE will continue to support you, and your employed students, throughout the work term.

  • If you're not the person we should be connecting with, go to the "My Hires" tab and change the employer contact name on the student's work-term record so we know which supervisor to communicate with for each student.
  • We'll reach out mid-way through the term with an employer eCheckIn and again at the end with a request to complete the student's performance evaluation. Both will be sent via email and you won't need to log in to complete them. Additionally, the email can be easily passed along to the correct person if needed.
  • For more details on the "Work Term" check out our WaterlooWorks help page.
  • The direct supervisor or manager of the co-op students are required to complete reports and evaluations.