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Milad Kamkar

Assistant Professor, Chemical Engineering

Research interests: Additive Manufacturing, Linear and Nonlinear Rheology, Nanomaterials Synthesis, Interfacial Assembly, Complex Fluids such as Emulsions, Polymer Processing, Electrical Applications such as Electromagnetic Shielding and Sensors, Sustainable Materials, Smart Aerogels

Mark Matsen

Professor, Chemical Engineering, Physics and Astronomy; University Research Chair

Research interests: block co-polymers; molecular self-assembly in polymeric systems; structure and behaviour of complex polymer brushes; SCFT modelling and simulation

Tiz Mekonnen

Assistant Professor, Chemical Engineering

Research interests: Functional polymers, Sustainable polymers and nanomaterials, Polymer modification, Multiphase and multifunctional polymers, Polymer processing, Nanocomposites

Pierre-Nicholas Roy

Professor, Chemistry; Computational Science Undergraduate Advisor; Canada Research Chair

Research interests: dynamics of complex molecular systems; Path Integral simulations of quantum fluids; development of semi-classical quantum dynamics approaches

Germán Sciaini

Professor, Chemistry; Canada Research Chair in Atomically-Resolved Dynamics & Ultrafast High-Resolution Imaging

Research interests: Femtosecond electron diffraction; ultrafast electron microscopy; femtosecond non-linear optical techniques

Hamed Shahsavan

Assistant Professor, Chemical Engineering

Research interests: polymers science and engineering, liquid crystalline materials, programmable and smart materials, small-scale and soft robotics, 3D and 4D micro-additive manufacturing, micro/nanotechnology, surfaces and interfaces

Xiaosong Wang

Professor, Chemistry

Research interests: Synthesis and self-assembly of organometallic compounds and polymers for functional nanomaterials, and exploration of hydrophobic effects for aqueous supramolecular chemistry

E.J. (Beth) Weckman

Professor, Mechanical and Mechatronics Engineering

Research interests: fire performance of materials, fire safety and flame retardancy, fire sensors, monitoring and connected systems, small-scale through real-scale fire testing and behaviour, experimental fire research, fire performance of assemblies, fire suppression, fire fighter training and applications, chemical emissions from fires, liquid pool fires, wildland and forest fires

Boxin Zhao

Professor, Chemical Engineering

Research interests: fundamental and practical aspects of adhesion, wetting, and friction of soft bio-nanomaterials, e.g. polymers, liquid crystals elastomers, and biological tissues, under micro- and nanometer confinements. Two major areas of interests are the design and fabrication of "smart" biomimetic devices with tailored physical, chemical, and interfacial properties and the development of novel conductive adhesives as a lead-free and multifunctional joining alternative for electronic packaging.

Qinqin Zhu

Assistant Professor, Chemical Engineering

Research interests: Process Data Analytics; Machine Learning; Statistical Process Monitoring and Fault Diagnosis; Optimization and Control of Process and Energy Systems; Process Systems Engineering

Veronika Magdanz

Assistant Professor, Department of Systems Design Engineering

Research interests: Sperm-based biohybrid microrobots, sperm-nanoparticle interactions for the study of cell membrane properties, flexible medical microrobots for removal of obstructions, small scale robots for cell delivery, 3D (bio)printing of organ models