Communications and marketing

The communications and marketing team supports efforts within the Faculty of Science to share research, events, and news about our faculty with a range of public audiences. Whether you are hoping to share your research with the country's media in a press release, create or update a Waterloo website, or want to share pictures from your research on our Instagram account, our team is ready to help with all of this and more!

University of Waterloo sign in the fall.

Press releases, media advisories and photo opportunities

We work closely with the University of Waterloo Media Relations team to promote major publications or news items about the Faculty of Science. We will work with you to develop a press release or media advisory that will be pitched or shared with relevant news outlets. Please note that decisions regarding moving forward with press releases/media advisories will be made by the Science Communications and Central Media Relations teams.

News stories, profiles and research

Our news, features and stories services includes sharing your research, story, achievements, or other stories across our various channels. We will work with you to develop an article (and perhaps photography/video). 

Web design, information architecture and user experience consulting

From conference sites to departmental and research group sites, we have you covered. If you would like to set up a website, please reach out. We would be happy to work with you to create an accessible, usable website that can be easily maintained. 

Event listings and promotion

Standard support for Science events is via promotion on social media, the Faculty/Departmental website(s) as an event listing and through digital signage. Depending on staff availability, we may be able to help co-ordinate email invites, event websites (including registration forms). 

Social media

We constantly monitor and review the latest social media platforms to determine whether the Faculty of Science should use these platforms for our communications. Visit our Connect with Science on Social Media to view the channels we utlize. Currently, we feature story content, event promotions (including Facebook Event creation), and photos from around the Science Faculty highlighting life in Science.

Digital signage

We maintain a number of digital screens around the faculty. With locations in the following buildings Earth Sciences (ESC), Physics (PHYS), Student Teaching Complex (STC), Environment and Information Technology (EIT), Chemistry (CHEM), School of Pharmacy (PHARM) and School of Optometry (OPT). We are able to leverage these screens to promote many different items including announcements, dates, services, stories and events. 

SciSpace community

SciSpace is a community in LEARN. This community group is one of the communication tools used to share information relating to undergraduate student's academic skills, professional and personal growth, as well as any important reminders. 

  • If you are interested in learning more about the SciSpace Community and the types of content that is shared on this channel, please review the Posting in SciSpace Community page 

Email lists

There are a number of email lists and newsletters that we can leverage within the faculty to share your message, event or story. 

  • Contact us and let's talk about how we can support you through our email lists →

University-level promotion

As a member of the extended central  communications team, we can coordinate university-level support and can help determine how best to promote your message, event or story. With potential channels such as the  Daily Bulletin,  University of Waterloo events,  social and the  University of Waterloo homepage

  • If you would like us to help you pitch your content to the central University team, please  contact us →

How we can help

  • Press releases, media advisories and photo opportunities
  • News stories, profiles and research
  • Web design, information architecture and user experience consulting
  • Event listings
  • Social media
  • Digital scinage
  • SciSpace community
  • Email lists
  • University-level promotion
  • Marketing research, analytics and insights

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Pop-up banners

We have a the following pop-up banners available for sign out during your event(s). 

  • Science (Plain blue)
  • Science (Physical Science)
  • Science (DNA)
  • Biology
  • Chemistry
  • Earth and Environmental Science
  • Physics and Astronomy
  • Pharmacy/Pharm. Sci.

Photos & Video

Science has an in-house photographer and video producer here to help tell your stories. If you would like to discuss details about a video project or arrange for some photos to be taken to capture a moment/event/story, please start your project by completing the design request.

Print and Digital Design

We have an in-house graphic designer who can help bring your ideas to life.  Projects can range in size from small event posters, postcards, flyers, banners, social and web graphics, and digital signage, up to report documents, booklets, and slide decks.  Please start your project by completing the design request.

Poster Templates

If you would like to develop your own poster, we have event 8.5x11 & event 11x17 templates as well as awareness 8.5x11 & awareness 11x17 poster templates you can download and modify.

Live streaming

There may be occasions where live streaming or live tweeting an event may be useful - particularly for people that may not be in a geographical area to attend the event. 

Digital Equipment

We have a variety of camera equipment at our disposal, including DSLR cameras, Go-Pros, tripods, gimbals, and voice recorders. In some instances, we can lend equipment to Faculty, Staff, and Graduate students for special projects within the Science Faculty. We may also be able to lend a hand with the operation or training on this equipment.