Earth Sciences Museum launches virtual tours

Friday, November 5, 2021

The Earth Sciences Museum is excited to announce the launch of our newest project, a virtual tour of the museum!

Our new tour allows users to explore various areas of the Earth Sciences Museum and Peter Russell Rock Garden, and access spaces that are not open to the public during a normal museum tour, including a minerology teaching laboratory and research spaces.

Inside the mining tunnel office. Blue dots indicate places with more information and a cartoon tour guide holds a rock hammer

Step (virtually) right into the mining tunnel office, immerse yourself in the dinosaur pit, explore a teaching lab and hear stories from mineral collectors, and visit the metal isotope and geochemistry research laboratory to learn about research and scientific instruments from Brian Kendall and Chris Yakymchuk, professors in the Department of Earth and Environmental Sciences.

The dinosaur pit. Blue circles indicate areas with more information, and a cartoon tour guide is shown in on the left

Each area is filled with a variety of clickable facts, photos and recordings from experts to facilitate learning, self-guided discovery, and allow people to see the museum collection and exhibits in unique new ways.

The virtual tour was created by the Earth Sciences Museum in collaboration with students from the Knowledge Integration program. Special thanks goes to Professors Brian Kendall, Chris Yakymchuk and John Spoelstra and the friends and supporters of the Museum who were involved in making this project a reality!

Explore the virtual tour of the Earth Sciences Museum yourself!