Online Learning - The Basics

jenga blocksWhether you are taking online courses in combination with on-campus courses, while on co-op as a way to get ahead in your program, (ahem) make-up an unsuccessful course, or as part of the sheltering-in-place restrictions created by COVID-19, you now find yourself entering the world of online learning. What joy!

We know that some of you are groaning in dread at the thought of learning online. But, let’s face it, some folks were already groaning in dread at the idea of learning in a classroom as well! Many learners love the freedom and flexibility of online learning. For many people, being about to take the time to think through an instructor’s question and post a thoughtful answer in the course discussion board is less stressful than answering questions in a classroom setting. Others love that they can set their own schedule, or study at times that best suit them. Not to mention how wonderful it is to be able to pause a video and any point and grab a snack rather than having to wait until the end of the lecture!

There are many informative resources for how to learn effectively online, so to avoid reinventing the wheel as they say, we may direct you to some those resources instead of creating all the content ourselves (another advantage of online — it’s networked!) A great way to get started with online learning is to check-out the Centre for Extended Learning’s (CEL) webpages: Myths of Online Courses and Getting Ready to Learn Online! You might also be interested in take the online pre-assessment offered by Penn State: Penn State Online Learning Pre-Assessment. Are you ready to learn online? Let's dive in!

Now that you've familiarized yourself with the basics, you may want to check out our Online Learning - Effective Habits page! If you need any more tips for learning online, connect with us at: