Leaves other than sabbaticals

Regular faculty are entitled to a number of leaves—and you really can take them

What you need to know

  • Your benefits continue during your leave.

  • You get an extension on your tenure clock for one year with parental leaves (just request this from your dean). Extensions are also possible for other leaves.

  • You still accrue credit toward sabbatical while you’re on parental leave.

  • You don't owe any teaching that you "miss" while on leave.

  • Waterloo supplements Employment Insurance for eligible pregnancy and parental leaves; EI and your UW top-up will add up to 95% of your salary.

Where to find information


Other resources

Who to talk to

  • Human Resources, for questions about what you’re entitled to and impacts on your pension and benefits.
  • Occupational Health, to discuss sick leave or adjustments to your work requirements or environment. (Get to know OH nurse Linda Brogden on our blog.)

  • Your chair or director, for discussions about scheduling.

  • FAUW, if you have concerns or want to discuss the impacts of a leave on your academic life.

FAUW's advice

  • Take your leaves when you need them, and don’t worry about how they affect your department or the University. The financial impact of your leaves should be covered by the central administration, and changes to teaching or service commitments are your chair's responsibility.

  • Make sure that you check in with your chair or departmental administrator about how to handle:

    • Extending research grants

    • Accommodations in your performance review

    • Delegating signing authority to a colleague on campus

    • Student supervision

  • Consider using Policy 59 to reduce your workload if that feels like a better option for you.