Disability management

Disability management

Everyone will experience some form of illness or injury in their lifetime. Occasionally, an illness or injury is severe enough to impact your abilities, daily activities and work experiences. When this happens, the University of Waterloo is committed to delivering positive outcomes while you are at or returning to work, by facilitating safe, healthy and sustainable return to work plans which may include workplace accommodations.

Disability management guide

The Disability Management Guide (PDF)  will provide a summary of your sick leave and long-term disability benefits, as well as:

  • an overview of the sick leave and long-term disability processes,
  • roles and responsibilities, and
  • additional information and resources.

Sick Leave/Return to Work Form (PDF) is required for absences of five consecutive working days or greater. For more information, please access the Disability Management Guide (PDF) .

Disability management team contacts: 

Note: All work-place injuries must be reported as per the instructions at the Safety Office website.

If the terms of a Collective Bargaining Agreement differ from the terms presented in this document, the terms of the Collective Bargaining Agreement shall prevail. Canadian Union of Public Employees members should refer to Article 19 - Sick Leave (PDF).