Information for lecturers

Why a separate page for lecturers?

FAUW represents lecturers with continuing and definite-term appointments of one year or longer. These lecturers are regular faculty whose appointments are typically focused on teaching and service, though the relative weightings of those components varies.

Until recently, there have been few regular lecturer appointments at Waterloo and they were not often accounted for in University policies. Lecturers now make up approximately 17% of all Faculty Association members, and there are currently some gaps in policy where lecturers are not adequately considered.

These gaps—and the actual differences between lecturer and tenure-track appointments—mean that lecturers have a different experience at Waterloo and sometimes need different information and advice. 

Key resources

Most of the information for all faculty, including our Faculty Guide to Working at Waterloo and information for new faculty, is equally applicable to lecturers and tenure-track faculty. The main exception is the career progression sections of the Guide, which will be updated once the Policy 76 review is done.

Here are some key resources particularly relevant to lecturers:

Yes, lecturers are eligible for that

Frequently asked questions

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