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Not sure where to start with all of the content available for online learning? Check out the list below for some science and STEM resources developed directly at the University of Waterloo. If you can't find what you're looking for on our site, we've also created a list of other online resources to keep your learning and curiosity going! 

UWaterloo Resources

  • From the Faculty of Science:
    • Storybook for kids, "Kolo's Unique Return to School" by Science undergrad Sara Ibrahim shows how kids stay safe and have fun through Covid guidelines.
    • Open Science contains secondary school chemistry lessons and physics problems.
    • For more challenging secondary school practice problems, see sample questions from our annual Sir Isaac Newton physics exam and Avogadro and Chem13News chemistry exams.
    • Get a breath of fresh air and complete one of our Climate Challenge scavenger hunts in your neighbourhood!
    • To learn about the elements, check out the Periodic Table Project which has an interactive periodic table available on our website or via an application for Apple, Android, and Blackberry devices.
    • Next, visit the Timeline of Elements which goes through the discovery of each of the elements throughout history.
    • Digital issues of the Chem13 News magazine include articles, experiments, and activities for secondary school chemistry. Not sure where to start? Try looking through the lessons, or testing your knowledge with chemistry puzzles.
    • The Earth Sciences Museum has online resources to learn about earth sciences in Ontario and Canada, from rocks, to minerals, to mining and more.
    • Bring the Earth Sciences Museum to you, by downloading our iPad app, Mastodon AR. Travel through time to see the life and fossilization of mastodons from 12,000 years ago to today.
    • Tour the Museum of Vision Science and refresh your knowledge about light and our eyes.
    • Looking to get outdoors? Take a walk and check out the amazing rock specimens in Uptown Waterloo, Downtown Kitchener, and Maryhill, with our Earth Sciences Museum self-guided walking tours.
  • The Faculty of Science and St. Jerome's University partner each year to produce the Bridges Lecture Series which aims to bridge the gaps between Arts, Science, and Mathematics by having speakers from different backgrounds present on a single topic. Past recorded lectures can be viewed going back to 2012.
  • The Centre for Education in Mathematics and Computing has many online resources including CEMC at Home where you can find daily math problems for all ages.
  • Use the Faculty of Environment's Ecology Lab Online Collections database to figure what plants, birds, and more you might be able to find in your area, or even in your own backyard.
  • From UWaterloo partner institutions:

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Non-UWaterloo Resources

The online resources included in the list below have been compiled to aid in any at home science! These sites are all free to use and do not require the creation of an account. These websites and their content are not maintained by the University of Waterloo, nor does inclusion on this list act as an endorsement from UWaterloo. If you have any comments or suggestions for inclusion, please email:

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