Applied Health Sciences (AHS) policies, procedures, and guidelines

Approved Doctoral Dissertation (ADDS) status policy

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Course/instructor evaluations

Course outlines

Course scheduling

Curriculum vitae (AHS format)

Faculty appointment forms

Faculty recruitment expenses

Faculty vacation

Guidelines for the awarding of honorary degrees

Guidelines for eligible hospitality expenses

Health, safety and environment

In order for AHS to be compliant with the annual Health, Safety and Environment (HSE) report and safety training, it is essential that an overall effort is made by all faculty, staff and employed students within our Faculty. For more information, see the  health, safety and environment page.

Leave of absence/sabbatical leave

Performance reviews for faculty

Performance Reviews are required for all faculty. The documents below outline the policy and procedures to be followed in Applied Health Sciences.

Post doctoral fellows


Room bookings

Teaching release

Tenure, promotion and reappointment procedures

These pages provide a summary of requirements and timelines of typical proceedings for tenure, promotion and reappointment within the Faculty of Applied Health Sciences. For further details consult Policy 76, Policy 77 or Administrator, Faculty Relations and Appointments.

Vacation/absence request

Visitors/foreign nationals