The Magic Behind Catering at UWaterloo’s Fed Hall

Friday, April 21, 2023

By Monika Terzic

Need catering? Catering & Event Services at the University of Waterloo’s Federation Hall has served the region for over 24 years and offers state of the art meeting and banquet facilities for 300+ guests with a variety of venue options! We cater to your needs:

  • Corporate Events and Conferences
  • Luncheons, Galas and Celebrations
  • Summer Accommodations
  • And more!

Federation Hall is one of the premier event spaces in Waterloo serving faculty members,  campus community with facilities to suit any occasion. Each room can be divided individually for smaller functions, buffet stations or break-off rooms. To see the full seating numbers of each room, you can visit their website at

Federation Hall includes a reception area with floor to ceiling windows and a balcony overlooking the Main Hall, with a patio outside. The entire building is wheelchair accessible, and has a new state-of-the-art kitchen to support our team of Red Seal certified chefs and catering staff so that they may serve up exquisite meals for the greater campus community.

Robert Rose on Chopped Canada
As a member of the Marketing team at UW Food Services, I had the unique opportunity to work with the amazing staff at Catering & Event Services at the University of Waterloo. Across several weeks in the winter 2023 term, I worked with Chef Mark Meinzinger, Chef Robert Rose and Chef Richard Cramm as they created several appetizers, entrées, plant-based dishes, and desserts. My role was to capture all the “behind-the-scenes” action and piece it all together in a video reel for our social media channels (Insta: @uwaterloofood). 

The chefs were friendly and energetic as they prepared the mains for a corporate event service. Chef Richard had opera music playing on the speakers as he whipped up some black pepper tofu stir fry. Richard works quickly, so it was challenging getting the takes I needed, but after editing, the result was great. I then approached Chef Rob who was working on a beautiful mixed green bouquet made with locally sourced mixed greens wrapped with cucumber ribbons dressed in a honey champagne vinaigrette and topped with Woolwich goat cheese and Elmira grape tomatoes. Rose made his debut into the entertainment scene in 2014 appearing on Season One of Chopped Canada, a competitive cooking show where contestants must incorporate surprise ingredients into their dishes. Rose competed with three others including Steve Glavicich, Diana Johnstone and Alvin Viguilla until he was “chopped”. This experience helped achieve new heights, increasing patronage at his restaurant, Canadian Grub to Go on Downie Street in Stratford, Ontario. 

Check out all the magic behind Catering here:

Farm to Campus Fresh

Our services are an integral part of our Farm to Campus Fresh brand, through which we promote sustainability, nutrition and local sourcing. Around campus and inside our kitchens, our chefs are busy incorporating sustainable practices, making socially conscious choices and sourcing local food suppliers.  This continues to be exemplified with our Catering & Event Services team

  • We support as many as 75 local farmers.
  • We provide plant-forward options in all our cafés and eateries. A dedicated plant-forward menu is available at Evergreen Café in EV3.
  • Our Chef’s use fresh local ingredients to create dishes that are prepared from scratch in our kitchens.
  • We support our customer’s health by promoting fresh nutritious foods to the campus community.

Read more about how we make things fresh: to Campus Fresh logo 

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