Meet our dietitian, Nicole Pin.

Thursday, January 17, 2019

UW Food Services is pleased to welcome Nicole Pin as the department’s Registered Dietitian. In this new role, Nicole will be responsible for developing, implementing and maintaining nutrition programming for Food Services with a focus on health and wellness for the student community.

Food Services just launched a brand new campaign, farm-to-campus-fresh. This new campaign highlights the fresh and local food that we are bringing to campus. With this new campaign, there is a huge focus on supporting our customer’s health by promoting fresh nutritious foods. Food is an integral part of our everyday life - from nourishing our bodies physically, to supporting mental health and brain function, and playing a role in our social activities.dgdrg

“When we are talking about overall health, I like to talk about having a balanced lifestyle, which is a pattern of daily living that focuses on physical, mental, emotional and social wellbeing as a whole. While many people are familiar with the term ‘balanced diet’ which means eating and choosing foods that support physical health, diet composition alone is not what makes up our eating experiences and is only one dimension of wellness. A balanced lifestyle includes diet composition (i.e. what we eat), but also takes into account other supporting factors.  Some key components of a balanced lifestyle include: eating well, regular physical activity, reducing stress/making time for self-care, sleep hygiene, and social activities.” Nicole Pin, RD

Having Nicole join our team truly reinforces our commitment to supporting one’s health. Nicole will be working with our culinary team and service staff to enrich menu development and communication as it pertains to a balanced approach to nutrition. 

If you have any questions regarding nutrition, please feel free to reach out to Nicole Pin,

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