Thursday, June 15, 2023

By: Monika Terzic

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UW Food Services celebrates the careers of Karen Majaury, Paul Gatcke and Rosanna Frowd

Retirement is a new chapter of life that brings with it freedom and fulfilment. It is a time where you can look back with satisfaction and look ahead with anticipation as you fill each day with enjoyment. In the coming weeks, we will see the departure of three of our beloved full time team members including Karen Majaury, Paul Gatcke and Rosanna Frowd. We are incredibly appreciative of their hard work and dedication with UW Food Services over the years and wish them all the best as they depart with us.

Paul Gatcke, Head Baker at Village Bakery, V1

Paul Gatcke pictured holding a cake in 1989.We are sad to announce that Village Bakery’s Head Baker, Paul Gatcke will be retiring on July 6th. Paul has been working for UW Food Services since 1979—that’s 44 years of service and dedication. Paul will be remembered for creating the “World’s Longest Sub Sandwich” in the 90s, receiving recognition for the feat on the KW Record’s front page. The Village bakeshop team, with whom Paul works alongside every day, will feel his absence the most. 

When asked about Paul’s upcoming departure, Assistant Baker, Nate Novenski shared a sad sentiment with us stating: “I don’t know what I’ll do when Paul goes. We’ve been together for decades. He’s like a brother to me”. Nate, who has worked with Paul for just shy of 25 years, has witnessed many changes with Paul along the way, helping create the Village Bakery we know and love today.

Bakeshop assistants Talen Leung and Lui Rui (Elaine) will also miss Paul’s kind nature and his “terrible jokes”. During Christmas time, the Village bakeshop team exchanges gifts and cards as per Paul’s bakery tradition and Nate has stated that he hopes to keep this tradition going in future years at the Village Bakery. We are so sad to see Paul go, but wish him the very best in his retirement. At UW Food Services, we definitely won’t forget the love and hard work he has put into each and every bagel, baked good and confection on the UWaterloo campus.

Rosanna Frowd, Food Service Assistant (FSA)

Rosanna Frowd pictured with Tracey Ryan and Melissa Taylor at her farewell party (2023).We will see yet another departure this month with Food Service Assistant, Rosanna Frowd departing with us as she moves into a new chapter of her life: retirement. Rosanna began working with us in September 1989 until she transitioned into a full time staff member in October 1991. Since then, Rosanna has been a beloved member of our UW Food Services team. Her official retirement date is July 1 so make sure to wish her well before she goes!

“Rosanna is a very passionate and loyal employee. She always has a positive attitude and enthusiasm which she shares daily with both her co-workers and our customers” says Tracey Ryan, Operations Manager for Area D. Her coworkers shared a similar sentiment with one worker stating that Rosanna, “Creates a whirlwind of activity around her—she never stops! If it’s not busy, she will find things to keep herself busy and gets others who do not display such initiative to join on in”.

UW Food Services Assistant Director, Deb Harrison has said that, “Rosanna has always put our customers first. She develops a great connection with those who are served by her”. When asked about who will remember her most, Tracey shared that “Staff in buildings where she has worked all ask for her whenever she is off. She will be missed by many across campus”. But what lies ahead for Rosanna in her departure?

When asked about her retirement plans, Rosanna revealed that she plans to visit her family in Mexico for the summer. Rosanna will be remembered by UW Food Services for her positive spirit, her hardwork and her impeccable customer service. We wish her all the best in her next chapter!

Karen Majaury, Administrative Assistant for Catering 

Kren Majaury pictured with staff at a golf staff eventMany already know that Karen departed with us in April, 2023. Karen was an instrumental part of the Catering & Events Services (CES) team and will be remembered for being a people person who enjoyed working with her clients most!

Karen began her journey with us in 1989 and in 1992, she transitioned to the role of Administrative Assistant for Catering & Event Services which she has occupied ever since! Throughout her 30+ years of service, Karen helped the advancement of the Catering & Event Services department as it grew from just a small part of Food Services to a significant portion of our organisation today.

Those who worked closely with Karen will remember her for her drive, positivity, initiative, and attention to detail. “Karen always remembered small details about our clients. This was great for building a rapport with many of them,” says Wilma Balvert, CES Supervisor, “She always enjoyed working with people most—from her clients to her coworkers”. When asked about her plans in retirement, Karen shared that she will be volunteering at local shelters followed by travelling to some new corners of the world. She will certainly be missed, but we wish her all the best in her well deserved retirement!

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