Top Three Must-Try Dishes on UW Campus: A Foodie's Guide

Friday, April 21, 2023

Written by: Abeer Cheema

Hello fellow foodies! 

My name is Abeer and I am thrilled to share my top three favorite dishes with you. As the Marketing and Administrative Liaison for UW Food Services, I have spent the past four months working and eating on campus with my staff meal plan, relentlessly searching for the most delicious and satisfying meals. And I have finally curated a list of the ultimate must-try food destinations.

BrubakersLet's start with Brubaker's, the ultimate game-changer in food options on campus. Brubaker's offers an array ofstandout options, but the Teriyaki Experience is a definite standout that you absolutely cannot miss. Their Hot and Spicy Chicken Bowl that comes with 2 Crispy Gyoza Dumplings is my personal favorite the chicken is cooked to perfection with just the right amount of spice, and the dumplings complement the dish nicely.Burger with salad

The adventure doesn't stop there! The Market at Claudette Millar Hall (CMH) in UWP is another gem that offers incredible food options. The Warrior Beef Burger from Chef & the Farmer is incredibly flavorful and filling definitely worth trying.

Fattoush saladIf you're up for exploring, hidden gems in the heart of campus like South Campus Hall (SCH) have a plethora of food options such as the Whet Noodle station, Paramount, Masala station and much more. The Fattoush Salad, a fantastic vegetarian alternative from Paramount is my ultimate favorite. The croutons are complemented by romaine lettuce, tomato, bell peppers, cucumber, radish, onion, parsley, and a delectable garlic sauce and hummus blend.

I'm a person that always eats at the same places, so if you're anything like me, I hope you feel inclined to try something new! Head over to Brubaker's, The Market at CMH, or SCH and try something new! As someone who has eaten on campus every day for the past 4 months, I have tried a variety of foods at residence, campus cafes, and franchises so you can trust me when I say, my top 3 picks are worth trying!

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