Course enrolment for Psych 499

Under supervision of a faculty member, students normally will review literature, design a study, present an oral research proposal, collect data, and write a scholarly report of the project. Students may choose to begin PSYCH 499 in their 3B or 4A term.

Consult the honours thesis handbook for information about who should do an honours thesis, selecting a topic for the honours thesis, finding a thesis supervisor, research interests of the Psychology faculty members, etc.

Prerequisites for admission to PSYCH 499

The prerequisites for PSYCH 499 are all of the following:

  • enrolment in honours Psychology or make-up Psychology
  • successful completion of PSYCH 391, and at least one of PSYCH 389, 390, 483, 484*
  • 60% cumulative overall average
  • 82% cumulative psychology average

* See  calendar descriptions as well as course outlines

Enrolment restrictions/procedures for PSYCH 499A

Students with all of the course prerequisites and a cumulative Psychology average of 82% or higher may self-enrol on Quest for PSYCH 499A, or PSYCH 499A/B if enrolling in both courses in the same term. You must report the name of your thesis supervisor to Nick Fuller by the eighth day of classes for the PSYCH 499A term.

The Psychology Department reserves the right to restrict or limit the number of students enrolling in PSYCH 499 in a given year with a cumulative Psychology average less than 82%. Those appealing for an exception to the 82% cut-off may submit the PSYCH 499 application by email to Nick Fuller for consideration (see application deadlines below).  Those doing so should have a cumulative Psychology average of at least 81% and provide in writing details of the exceptional circumstances that they feel justify the request for an exception to the 82% cut-off. Appeals should include, for example,

  • prior research experience as well as a statement regarding one's potential for doing research,
  • reasons why the cumulative Psychology average is less than 82%,
  • demonstrated ability to work in the 81-100% grade range,
  • reasons for wanting to enrol in PSYCH 499.

The course prerequisites for enrolment in PSYCH 499A are strictly enforced because the courses provide essential background for success in PSYCH 499, and it is necessary to restrict the number of students enrolling in PSYCH 499. Appeals to enrol in all 3 of the following courses concurrently will not be accepted:

  • PSYCH 391
  • Advanced research methods course (PSYCH 389. 390,  483, 484)
  • PSYCH 499A

Application deadlines:

We recommend that you submit your application using the following deadlines so that your application is approved in time to start your search for a supervisor:

  • May 1 for fall
  • September 1 for winter
  • January 1 for spring

However, we will accept applications for PSYCH 499 enrolment up until the first day of classes of the term you want to be enrolled.

All PSYCH 499A enrolment (self-enrolment or by approved application) is subject to Psychology averages and prerequisites being checked the first week of classes when prior term grades are available. If the Psychology average falls below 82%, or a prerequisite course is not passed, the student will be required to submit a PSYCH 499 application to request permission to enrol.

Enrolment for PSYCH 499B

If you have completed (or are currently enrolled in) PSYCH 499A you can self-enrol on Quest for PSYCH 499B. Alternatively, if you have all of the course prerequisites for PSYCH 499A, you can self-enrol in PSYCH 499A/B in the same term.

Enrolment for PSYCH 499C

Students may take PSYCH 499A/B concurrently, or PSYCH 499B/C concurrently, but not all of PSYCH 499A/B/C in the same term.

Enrolment for PSYCH 499C is not allowed prior to open enrolment for the term.

Department permission is required to enrol in PSYCH 499C. Email your request for PSYCH 499C enrolment to Nick Fuller.

  • Include your full name, student identification number, name of the thesis supervisor, and which term you completed, or are enrolled in, PSYCH 499A/B.