Psychology course outline - Fall 2008

For courses taken from Renison (R or REN), please contact Renison's Registrar's office.

For courses taken from St. Jeromes, (J or STJ), please contact Christina Mancini.

Course code Course title Instructor
PSYCH 101-01 (PDF) Introductory Psychology Richard Ennis
PSYCH 101-02 (PDF) Introductory Psychology Steve Spencer
PSYCH 101-03 (PDF) Introductory Psychology Antonietta Serafini (SJU)
PSYCH 101-04 (PDF)PSYCH 101-04 (PDF) Introductory Psychology Amanda Clark
PSYCH 207 (PDF) Cognitive Processes Jonathan Fugelsang
PSYCH 211 (PDF) Developmental Psychology Mathieu Le Corre
PSYCH 212 Educational Psychology Maureen Drysdale (SJU)
PSYCH 230 (PDF) Psychology and Law John Rempel (SJU)
PSYCH 253 (PDF) Social Psychology Christine Logel and Danu Stinson
PSYCH / PHIL 256 Intro to Cognitive Science
(Contact the Philosophy Dept for the course outline)
Paul Thagard (Phil Dept)
PSYCH 257 (PDF) Psychopathology David Moscovitch
PSYCH 261 (PDF) Physiological Psychology Myra Fernandes
PSYCH 291 (DPF) Basic Research Methods Joanne Wood & John Holmes
PSYCH 306 (PDF) Perception Colin Ellard
PSYCH 308 (PDF) Psychology of Reading Serje Robidoux
PSYCH 317 (PDF) Emotionally Disturbed Child Elizabeth Nilsen
PSYCH 318 (PDF) Psychosexual Organization BJ Rye (SJU)
PSYCH 320 (PDF) Language Development Jeremy Anglin
PSYCH 322R Personality Theory Kathy Foxall (Renison)
PSYCH 338 (PDF) Organizational Psychology Rich Ennis
PSYCH 340 (PDF) Training and Development John Michela
PSYCH 354 (PDF) Interpersonal Relations John Rempel (SJU)
PSYCH 391 (PDF) Advanced Data Analysis Jonathan Fugelsang
PSYCH 393 Research in Developmental Psychology Ori Friedman
PSYCH 395-01 (PDF) Research in Social Psychology Aaron Kay
PSYCH 395-02 (PDF) Research in Social Psychology Joanne Wood
PSYCH 397-01 (PDF) Research in Personality & Clinical Psychology Kathy Smolewska
PSYCH 397-02 (PDF) Research in Personality & Clinical Psychology Danu Stinson
PSYCH 399 (PDF) Research in Industrial/Organizational Psychology Ramona Bobocel
PSYCH/PHIL 447 Seminar in Cognitive Science
(Contact the Philosophy Dept for the course outline)
Paul Thagard (Phil Dept)
PSYCH 453 (PDF) Honours Seminar - Developmental Psychology
Topic: Family Conflict
Hildy Ross
PSYCH 454 (PDF) Honours Seminar - Educational Psychology
Topic: Education and Behaviour Problems
Maureen Drysdale (Phil Dept)
PSYCH 457 (PDF) Honours Seminar - Personality and Clinical Psychology
Topic: Anxiety Disorders
Christine Purdon
PSYCH 461 (PDF) Honours Seminar - Behavioural Neuroscience
Topic: Classic Cases in Neuropsychology
James Danckert
PSYCH 499A/B/C (PDF) Honours Thesis