Psychology course outline - Spring 2008

Course code Course title Instructor
PSYCH 101 (PDF) Introductory Psychology Kathryn Greenaway (SJU)
PSYCH 253 (PDF) Social Psychology Rich Ennis
PSYCH 257 (PDF) Psychopathology Kathryn Greenaway (SJU)
PSYCH 261 (PDF) Physiological Psychology Dan Smilek
PSYCH 338 (PDF) Organizational Psychology Wendi Adair
PSYCH 339 (PDF) Personnel Selection Rich Ennis
PSYCH 353 (PDF) Social Cognition Emiko Yoshida and Grace Lau
PSYCH 398 (PDF) Research in Memory Colin MacLeod
PSYCH 458 (PDF) Honours Seminar - Cognition
Topic: Cognition and Cognitive Neuropsychology
Derek Besner