Psychology course outline - Spring 2011

For courses taken from Renison (R or REN), please contact Renison's Registrar's office.

For courses taken from St. Jeromes, (J or STJ), please contact Christina Mancini.

Course code Course title Instructor
PSYCH 101 Introductory Psychology Glenn Meaney (SJU)
PSYCH 207 (PDF) Cognitive Processes Dan Smilek
PSYCH 257 Psychopathology Martha Savage (SJU)
PSYCH 338 (PDF) Organizational Psych Rich Ennis
PSYCH 339 (PDF) Personnel Selection Rich Ennis
PSYCH 353 (PDF) Social Cognition Steve Spencer
PSYCH 392 (PDF) Research in Human Cog Neuroscience Mike Dixon
PSYCH 394 (PDF) Research in Cognition and Perception Derek Besner
PSYCH 455 (PDF) Honours Seminar - Social Psychology
Topic: Prejudices and Stereotypes
Emiko Yoshida
PSYCH 499A/B/C Honours Thesis Dan Smilek & Erik Woody