Psychology course outlines - Spring 2016

For courses taken from Renison (R or REN), please contact Renison's Registrar's office.

For courses taken from St. Jeromes, (J or STJ), please contact Christina Mancini.

Course code Course title Instructor
PSYCH 101 (.DOC) Introductory Psychology John Campbell (STJ)
PSYCH 101 online (.DOC) Introductory Psychology Richard Ennis
PSYCH 207 ONL  Cognitive Processes Jonathan Fugelsang and Jenn Stolz
PSYCH 211 (PDF) Developmental Psychology Pamela Seeds
PSYCH 212 (.DOC) Educational Psychology Anna Polotskaia (STJ)
PSYCH 213R  Exceptional Children Virginia Nusca (REN)
PHIL 256 ONL (PDF) Cognitive Science Phillipe Beriault (PHIL)
PSYCH 257 (.DOC) Psychopathology Ana Polotskaia (STJ)
PSYCH 261 (PDF) Physiological Psychology Roxane Itier
PSYCH 264 Research Apprenticeship TBA
PSYCH 306 (.DOC) Perception Linda Carson
PSYCH 312 (PDF) Learning Disabilities Madison Leigh Pesowski
PSYCH 334R (.DOC) Theories Individual Counsel James G. Peretta
PSYCH 339 (PDF) Personnel Psychology Winny Shen
PSYCH 353 Social Cognition Steve Spencer
PSYCH 354R (.DOC) Interpersonal Relations Denise Marigold (REN)
PSYCH 394 (PDF) Res in Cognition and Perception Derek Besner
PSYCH 455 (PDF) Hons Seminar: Social Psychology Richard Eibach
PSYCH 499A/B/C Honours Thesis Richard Eibach