Psychology work term examples

Honours Psychology Co-op students (including 'BA Honours Arts', 'Arts and Business' and 'BSc Psychology') are valued by co-op employers/mentors and are performing a wide variety of tasks in numerous sectors.

Examples of sectors for co-op positions

  • boards of education
  • business and manufacturing
  • camps for children
  • family and children's services
  • federal and provincial government
  • hospitals and treatment/health facilities
  • nonprofit and charitable organizations
  • police and probation services
  • recreational services
  • services for people with special needs e.g., camps, residential facilities, community assistance programs
  • technological enterprises
  • universities and colleges
  • etc.

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Examples of tasks performed by co-op students on work terms

  • administration e.g., planning, coordinating, organizing, facilitating, problem solving, information gathering
  • assistance for people with special needs e.g., physical, social, or educational support
  • communication e.g., responding to inquiries verbally or in writing, preparing and giving presentations
  • computer support e.g., software development, software testing, use of computer software packages for web page design, database management, word processing, statistical analysis, graphs, etc.
  • customer or public relations
  • human resource activities e.g., recruitment, interviewing, selection, training, policy review
  • management/supervision
  • marketing e.g., advertising, promotion, marketing analysis
  • program analysis
  • quality control
  • research e.g., research design, data collection, data analysis, report writing
  • sales
  • teaching/tutoring e.g., English or computer skills
  • writing/editing e.g., technical writing, report writing, preparing brochures and/or newsletters
  • etc.

Co-op supervisors/mentors are able to assign increased responsibilities to co-op students as they progress through school terms and work terms because of their growing knowledge, skills, and abilities.

Psychology Majors develop distinctive marketable skills

Sample of first work term positions

  • Community Support Worker
  • Data Analyst
  • Education Deployment Specialist/Event Planner
  • Engineering Coordinator
  • English Learning Assistant
  • English Tutor
  • General Business/Operations Coordinator
  • Genetic Counselling Assistant
  • Guidance /At-Risk Support Assistant
  • Guidance/Careers Support Assistant
  • Inclusion Counsellor
  • Junior Analyst
  • Outdoor Education Programmer
  • Program Advisor
  • Rehabilitation and Mental Health Assistant
  • Research Assistant
  • Science Marketing and Recruitment Associate
  • Summer Camp Counsellor
  • Technology Lab Assistant
  • Usability Research Assistant
  • User Experience Researcher
  • Vocational/Residential Assistant

Sample of fourth work term positions

  • Academic Support and Technical Lab Assistant
  • Computer Programmer and Web Page Design Assistant
  • Counsellor/Support Worker
  • Customer Care Assistant
  • Design Research - Media and Entertainment
  • Lab Co-ordinator
  • Marketing – Innovation Intern
  • Product Designer
  • Project Delivery Officer - Financial Services
  • Project Manager
  • Recruitment Assistant
  • Research Assistant
  • Research Coordinator
  • Strategic Planning Intern
  • Talent Acquisition Assistant
  • Teaching/Program Assistant
  • Technical Analyst
  • Technical Writer
  • Tourism Marketing Assistant
  • Tutoring and Learning Centre Coordinator/Tutor
  • Usability Analyst
  • Vocational/Residential Assistant