PhD program breadth requirements

Students enrolled in doctoral programs must complete the department's breadth requirements which consist of four one-term courses (or approved equivalent) outside of their Departmental Research Area. Breadth courses may be taken for credit/no credit.

Any quantitative courses taken beyond those that fulfil the Departmental Research Area requirement can count toward breadth requirements (i.e. a third and even a fourth statistics course can count toward departmental breadth requirements). Statistics courses required by the Research Area must be taken for a numerical grade.

Those seeking permission to fulfil breadth requirements by counting courses offered by other departments at the University of Waterloo, or transfer credits from other universities, must submit the request in writing to the Psychology Associate Chair, Graduate Studies. Consent to take courses outside of the department must be obtained prior to enrolling in the course. Usually, no more than two one-term courses from such sources are allowed for credit towards breadth requirements.