PhD program statistics requirements

Students enrolled in Psychology doctoral programs must complete the department's statistics requirements. The statistics requirements may be met by satisfactory performance in at least one of two core statistics courses,

  • PSYCH 630:  Advanced Analysis of Variance
  • PSYCH 632:  Multiple Regression

plus one additional statistics course. The additional course may be the remaining statistics course listed above or a different statistics course, such as PSYCH 800: Psychometric Theory and Structural Equation Modeling or PSYCH 801: Advanced Structural Equation Modeling.

Particular Areas may specify that a particular statistics course, such as PSYCH 630 or PSYCH 632, is required.  Check the Area-specific degree requirements. Statistics courses required by the Area must be taken for a numerical grade.

Credit toward PSYCH 630 or PSYCH 632 may be granted if the student can present evidence of a particularly strong undergraduate or previous graduate-level statistics background. Consult with the Associate Chair, Graduate Affairs.