Course requirements for Social Psychology

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PhD students in Social must complete a total of 12 courses.

Mandatory and core courses must be taken for a numerical grade. Breadth courses may be taken for credit/no credit.

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Academic Integrity Module

In addition, students must attend the weekly Social seminar PSYCH 714 in the Fall and Winter terms.

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Social PhD Program Requirements Table
Course Requirement

2 mandatory statistics courses from this list:

  • PSYCH 630 Advanced Analysis of Variance
  • PSYCH 632 Multiple Regression
  • PSYCH 800 Psychometric Theory & Structural Equation Modeling
  • PSYCH 801 Advanced Structural Equation Modeling
  • PSYCH 804 Multi-Level Modeling Applications in Psychology

PSYCH 704A Social Psychology


PSYCH 870 Research Design & Methods


4 Social courses from the following list:

  • Psych 743 Advanced Intergroup Relations
  • Psych 744 Personality in Social Context
  • Psych 745 Close Relationships
  • Psych 746 Culture and the Mind
  • Psych 748 Self-Regulation and Motivation
  • Psych 749 Wisdom
  • PSYCH 690 Special Topics in Social and Personality:
    • The Self
    • Social Cognition
    • Moral Psychology

4 breadth courses from research areas outside of Social

  Weekly Social seminar PSYCH 714 in Fall and Winter terms
  Academic Integrity Module
  PhD Thesis
  Apply to graduate in Quest