Excalibur Competition 2012: uWaterloo team finishes in top six!

Excalibur Competition 2012

Hello Everyone, I just want to update you on the Excalibur Human Resource case study competition held in Montreal March 16 and 17. 27 teams from across Canada gathered to compete with the University of Waterloo being the only non-business school participating during this intense, two day event.

I am delighted to announce the University of Waterloo team made the finals once again this year … no small feat given our worthy adversaries and the high level competition at this year’s event. It was a gratifying achievement for the Waterloo team to progress to the finals and numerous coaches from across the country congratulated us on making the finals despite not having a dedicated business or Human Resource focussed undergraduate degree.

The Waterloo team, comprised of Alex Soley, Jacky Yeung and Kevin Boisvert, performed admirably during Friday’s three event elimination round and demonstrated that with a lot of hard work (over 60 hours of practice time), preparation support from our professional Subject Matter Experts and a keen desire to succeed, we could more than hold our own against some of the best business and HR schools in Canada.

Despite a credible effort in Saturday’s intense final round, we fell short of making the podium this year. We hold our heads high knowing we did our best and gave our competition a real run for the top spots. I am very proud of our team’s performance ... particularly the teamwork, heart and class Alex, Jacky and Kevin displayed throughout the tournament and this entire learning adventure.

Thanks to all of you for your very generous support, time commitment and sharing of your know-how in propelling our team to the finals. If it takes a village to raise a child … it took this community to produce a formidable contender and for that, I thank you all for your selfless contribution.

With heartfelt gratitude,

Len Luksa

The Department of Psychology congratulates Alex, Jacky, Kevin and coach Len Luksa for your dedication, commitment, and countless hours of practice and coaching to build a very competitive team worthy of making it to this year’s fiercely contested finals! We are extremely proud of you and the class with which you represented the HRM Program and Waterloo!