Alumni Gold Medal for Outstanding Academic Performance in a Doctoral Program is Dubravka Gavric

Friday, October 17, 2014

Dubravka Gavric
Receiving the Alumni Gold Medal for Outstanding Academic Performance in a Doctoral Program is Dubravka Gavric, who achieved her PhD in Psychology. Gavric’s thesis was entitled “What is the Function of Post-Event Processing in Social Anxiety Disorder? The Role of Metacognitive Beliefs, Memory Uncertainty and Perception of Performance.” Her supervisor was Professor David Moscovitch.

Gavric‘s research focused on improving the understanding and psychological treatment of social anxiety disorder, an extremely disabling anxiety disorder that is estimated to affect approximately 4 million Canadians. She has been an active scholar, publishing and presenting posters and papers at national and international conferences and has made substantial independent contributions to highly respected and widely-read peer-reviewed journals in the field of clinical psychology. Gavric has also earned numerous scholarships, including the SSHRC Canada Graduate Scholarship at both the Master’s and Doctoral levels and an Ontario Mental Health Foundation Research Studentship. She is currently a Postdoctoral Fellow at St. Joseph’s Healthcare in Hamilton.