Douglas Brown


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BA (Alberta), MSc (Calgary), PhD (Akron)

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Research interests

My research interests and publications span both the "I" and "O" side of the field of industrial psychology. On the "I" side, I am interested in how individuals form perceptions of organizations as well as the impact that faking has on the validity of selection instruments. On the "O" side, my interests lie in the areas of leadership, deviance, and the self as well as the intersection between these domains. My published work has addressed how leadership perceptions form and how and when malicious forms of leadership will impact subordinate well-being and sense of self.    

Selected publications

  • Lian, H., Brown, D. J., Tanzer, N.K., & Che, H. (in press). Distal charismatic leadership and follower effects: An examination of Conger and Kanungo's conceptualization of charisma in China. Leadership.
  • Ferris, D.L., Rosen, C.C., Johnson, R.E., Brown, D. J., Risavy, S., & Heller, D. (in press). Approach or avoidance (or Both?): Integrating core self-evaluations within an Approach/Avoidance Framework. Personnel Psychology.
  • Ferris, D.L., Spence, D.L., Brown, D .J., & Heller, D. (in press). Interpersonal injustice and workplace deviance: An esteem threat perspective. Journal of Management.
  • Risavy, S.D., Komar, S.G., & Brown, D .J. (2010). Spontaneous trait inferences and organizational actions: The formation of organization personality perceptions. Canadian Journal of Behavioral Science, 42, 139-149.
  • Robie, C., Komar, S., & Brown, D .J. (2010). The effects of coaching and speeding on big five and impression management scale scores. Human Performance, 23, 1-22.
  • Ferris, D.L., Brown, D. J., Lian, H., & Keeping, L.(2009). Self-esteem level and contingencies of self-worth. Journal of Applied Psychology, 94, 1345-1353. 
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  • Heller, D., Ferris, D.L., Brown, D. J., & Watson, D. (2009). Work personality and home personality:Consistency, antecedents and satisfaction consequences. Journal of Personality,77, 1051-1084.
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  • Brown, D. J., Cober, R. T., Kane, K., Levy, P. E., & Shalhoop, J. (2006). Proactive personality and the successful job search: A field investigation with recent college graduates. Journal of Applied Psychology, 91, 717-726.
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Editorial activities

  • Associate Editor Organizational Behavior and Human Decision Processes (July, 2010 to Present)
  • Editorial Review Boards: The Leadership Quarterly (2001-2004; 2006-2010); The Canadian Journal of Behavioural Science (2007 to Present); Journal of Applied Psychology (October, 2008 to  Present); Organizational Psychology Review (2009 to Present)